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Welcome to Ray Export

Ray Export started over 40 years ago as a manufacturing company serving the science education marketplace. Over that time we have grown into an MNC serving 62 countries and hundreds of distributors.

Our mission is to deliver quality products on time so that students throughout the world can learn science through DIY methodology.

We manufacture over 5,000 products for the Heat transfer Lab Equipment in India,Thermodynamics Lab Equipments, Automobile Engineering Lab Equipments in India . Our core product lines include: 

TVET Technical Educational Lab and Civil Equipments Laboratory,Technical Educational Equipment - TVET Technical Educational Lab Equipments, TVET Engineering Civil Engineering Equipment, TVET Civil lab Equipments Manufacturer and Supplier of TVET Industrial Lab Equipment training workshop tools

Ray Export is known as prestigious manufacturers of mechanical lab equipment, engineering teaching equipment and other products that are used in universities, institutes, and others. In addition, we are also offering a wide range of functionally efficient, sturdy designed and easy to use Civil Engineering Equipments, Material Testing Equipments, Electronics Lab Equipments, Electrical Experiments and other products.

Ray Export has the sole motto of after-sales service, which allows us to stay in touch with clients and hence provide better service to them for engineering teaching, mechanical laboratory, Polytechnic, Engineering Lab and Workshop Instruments and Workshop Machines - Excellent quality Workshop Lab Supplies from India.

Ray Export are the Manufacturers & Exporters of Workshop Laboratory Products & supplies, Scientific Workshop Instruments, Medical & Hospital Equipment & Supplies, Educational Scientific Equipments, Science Education Workshop Kits & Workshop Experiments setup Supplier. Preferred Supplier for Educational Scientific Equipments for Schools Workshop Labs, Colleges Workshop Labs, University & Research Workshop Labs. Participating in Global Tenders and Ministry of Education Workshop Labs Tenders

Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipments,Civil Engineering Lab Equipments - Electronic Trainer Kits and Electrical Lab Products manufacturers and exporters, India including products like Engineering and College Electronic Trainers and Modules for Vocational and Technical Teaching & Training.

Engineering Laboratory Machines and Equipment like Bernoullis Apparatus, Impact of Jet of Vanes Apparatus, Rotameter Apparatus, Hydraulic Benches, Adsorption in Packed Bed, Universal Vibration Apparatus etc.

We are engaged in offering mechanical engineering lab equipment, civil engineering lab equipments, electronics, and electrical engineering lab equipment civil engineering lab equipments, electronics engineering lab equipments, mechanical engineering lab equipments, electrical engineering lab equipment.

Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipments - Strength of Materials Lab Equipments, Applied Mechanics Lab Equipments, Hydrology Lab Equipments, Mechatronics Lab Equipment, CAD/CAM Lab Equipments

Civil Engineering Lab Equipments - Survey Equipments, Building And Civil Engineering Lab Equipments, Geotechnical Engineering Lab Equipments, Transportation Engineering Lab Equipments, Structural Engineering Lab Equipments

Electrical Engineering Lab Equipments - Basic Electrical Lab Equipments, Power Electronics Lab Equipments, Switchgear and Protection Lab Equipments, Electrical Measurement Lab Equipments, Process Control Engineering Lab Equipments.

Electronics and Telecommunication Lab Equipments - Basic Electronics Lab Equipments

Digital Electronics Lab Equipments, Microprocessor Lab Equipments, Microwave Engineering Lab Equipments, Industrial Electronics Lab Equipments.

Scientific Educational Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter, Scientific lab Instruments Manufacturer, Engineering Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer, Engineering Laboratory Equipment Supplier. Educational Lab Equipment – Ray Export are the Educational Lab Instruments Manufacturers, supplier, trader and exporter of scientific-educational laboratory equipment and instruments including physics, chemistry lab equipment, and instruments, glassware, biology, Laboratory Equipment Supplier, Science Lab Supplies Manufacturer, Science Lab Supplies Supplier, Engineering Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer, Engineering Laboratory Equipment Supplier, Laboratory Instruments Manufacturer, Laboratory Instruments Supplier and Engineering Lab Equipment.