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Magnetic Field Measurement Apparatus For Physics Lab For High School Science Kits Lab


This experiment comprises of two coils, Constant Current Power Supply and Gaussmeter. The Gaussmeter probe is placed on a rail with a ruler. It can move smoothly and accurately for measurement of magnetic field along the centre of the coils. The following studies are carried out with the set-up: 1. Study of magnetic field due to one coil and meaurement of its diameter. 2. Study of principal of super-imposition of magnetic field due to its 2nd coil by keeping the distance between the coils at a, greater than a and less the radius of the coil, Line 1 Magnetic Profile when the distance between the coils is greater than radius of the coil Line 2 Magnetic Profile when the distance between coils is equal to radius of the coil Line 3 Magnetic Profile when the distance between coils is less than radius of the coil –It  Superimposed completely Apparatus consists of the following: 1. Digital Gaussmeter Range: 0-200 Resolution: 0.1G Accuracy: 0.5% Display: 3½ digit 7 segment LED with autopolarity. 2. Two Coil Diameter: 200mm Number of turn: 1000 3. Constant Current Power Supply Current: 0-0.5A Smoothly adjustable Line Regulator: 0.2%for 10% mains variation. Load Regulator: 0.2 % for 0 to full load. Display: 3½ digit 7 Segment LED Display. Protection: Against overload/ short current. The 2 coils are rested on platform one coil is fixed and other coil move smoothly on a rail along with the axis of the coils.. 

Planck's Constant Experiment (By Photoelectric Effect) For High School Science Lab For High School Science Kits Lab


Planck's Constant Experiment (By Photoelectric Effect) for Physics Lab- It is used for Determining of Planck's Constant and Work Function of Materials by Photoelectric Effect It was observed that most metals under influence of radiation, emit electrons. This phenomenon was termed as photoelectric emission. The apparatus comprises of the following : 1. Photo Sensitive Device : Vacuum photo tube. 2. Light source : Halogen tungsten lamp 12V/35W. 3. Colour Filters : 635nm, 570nm, 540nm, 500nm & 460nm. 4. Accelerating Voltage : Regulated Voltage Power Supply, Output : ± 15 V continuously variable through multi-turn pot Display : 3½ digit 7-segment LED Accuracy : ± 0.2% 5. Current Detecting Unit : Digital Nanoammeter It is high stability low current measuring instrument Range : 1000 mA, 100 mA, 10 mA & 1mA with 100 % over ranging facility Resolution : 1nA at 1 mA range Display : 3½ digit 7-segment LED Accuracy : ±0.2% 6. Power Requirement : 220V ± 10%, 50Hz. 7. Optical Bench : The light source can be moved along it to adjust the distance between light source and phototube scale length is 400 mm. A drawtube is provided to install colour filter, a focus lense is fixed in the back end. T

Planck's Constant Experiment By LED's For Physics Lab For High School Science Kits Lab


Planck's Constant Experiment by using LED's for experiment

Franck-Hertz Experiment For Physics Lab For High School Science Kits Lab

The  Franck-Hertz Experiment used to excite atoms by low energy electron bombardment. The energy transferred from electrons to the atoms always had discrete values. Thus the existence of atomic energy levels put forward by scientist Bohr. It is a very important experiment and can be performed in any college or University level laboratory. The Experiment is consists of the following: Argon filled tetrode Filament Power Supply: 3.6-3.4V continuously variable Power Supply for VG1K: 1.3-5V continuously variable Power Supply for VG2A: 1.3 - 12V continuously variable Power Supply for VG2K: 0 - 95V continuously variable Saw tooth waveform for CRO display Scanning Voltage : 0-80V Scanning Frequency : 115±20 Hz Multirange Digital Ammeter Display : 3½ digit, LED Range : 10-7, 10-8 & 10-9 A The instrument can, not only lead to a plot of the amplitude spectrum curve by means of point by point measurement, but also directly display the amplitude spectrum curve on the oscilloscope screen. This instrument is used as a classroom experiment  for demonstrating  to a group of students.

Ionization Potential Set-Up Experiments For Physics Lab For High School Science Kits Lab


Ionization Potential Set-Up Experiments for Physics Lab

E/M Experiment For Physics Lab For High School Science Kits Lab


This experiment is used for measuring electromagnetic charge to mass ratio of the electron. The electromagnetic tube is bulb-like and contains a filament, a cathode, a grid, a pair of deflection plates and an anode. 

Millikan Oil Drop Experiment For Physics Lab For High School Science Kits Lab


 This experiment is used to measure the charge of an electron and is perhaps the most basic of all experiments.The experiment depends on the ability to control, measure and balance very small force of the order 10-14N. The set-up consists of two horizontal parallel plates separated by about 5mm. The upper plate has a small hole through which microscopic oil droplets are sprayed in between the two plates with the help of an atomizer.

Four Probe Experiment For Physics Lab For High School Science Kits Lab


The Four Probe Method is one of the standard and most widely used method for the measurement of resistivity of semiconductors. 

Four Probe Setup Research Model Experiments For Physics Lab For High School Science Kits Lab


 This test is done to remove the error due to contact resistance, which is significant in the electrical measurement on semiconductors, is avoided by the use of two extra contacts (probes) between the current contacts.

Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer Experiments For Physics Lab For High School Science Kits Lab


This form of spectroscopy is used in the investigation of crystal structures, environmental effects, dynamic effects, defects in solids and in many branches of Physics.

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