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Buzzer In Vacuum For Physics Lab


For use on pump plate not less than 15 cm. diameters Electric Bell working on 4-6 volts AC/DC, suspended on elastic rope in bell jar. Fine looped wire connections with terminals mounted in elastic bung fixing the jar.

Kundts Tube Apparatus For Physics Lab


To know the longitudinal waves in air and velocity of sound in air, it consist of a glass tube approx 1.2 meter length and 34 mm diameter. adjustable piston which is a tightly fitted  on a 390 mm long rod on one end of the glass tube. A loose fitted piston attached to a 1.2 meter long rod at the other end of the glass tube, rested on a wooden base.

Organ Pipe For Physics Lab


Organ pipe is made up of varnished wood with glass in front and membrane suspended over cord to show positions of nodes and antinodes, overall length 760 mm.

Organ Pipe Open Ended For Physics Lab


It is a Square section with tapered mouthpiece, made of finished wood, with graduated sliding piston, square in area consisting of a  knob at the end for easy handling. The slider is marked with a diatonic scale. It is used to determine the  phenomenon of beats in conjunction with a second pipe of same type. Approx. overall length when extended 840mm.

Organ Pipe Sliding For Physics Lab


Its length when fully stretched is about 840 mm approx., 540 mm when shut, stoppered, and made of varnished wood with adjustable piston marked with the chromatic scale

Resonance Apparatus For Physics Lab


It comprises of a tube 100cm long, 25mm dia mounted on a stand which is fitted with leveling screws. The lower end of the elastic tubing given is associated with the 500ml glass reservoir which slides on a metal pole and can be raised or brought down for changing the length of section of air. It is utilized to calculate the speed of sound waves in air at room temperature by utilizing a tuning fork.

Resonance Apparatus Glass For Physics Lab


Glass Tube of size 84cm long and 2.5cm dia rested on stand with clamp, with 500ml glass bulb supported on iron ring, joining rubber tubing and spring clip.

Resonance Apparatus Simple Form For Physics Lab


It consist of two aluminium tubes telescoping into each other, so that the air within the tubes may be changed from 30 cms to 53 cms, outer tube is fixed into a wooden base.

Resonance Apparatus Tubes For Physics Lab


It consist of two plastic tubes of 305 x 32 mm,305 x 25 mm diameter. The small tube slides within the other in foam plastic collars, allowing the air column length to vary from 300 to 530 mm.

Ripple Tank For Physics Lab


The device comprises of a wooden surrounded plate with a reinforced glass base and separable legs, general size of plate 600x 520x 56mm profound. 

A pair of support rods with integral 'G' braces is given which can be connected to the sides of the tank and used to convey the wave producing framework. An arrangement of 4 metal boundaries (reflectors) is incorporated comprising of a couple of straight hindrances 150 x 25mm, a bended obstruction of 215 mm. chord length x 25mm high and a short, straight barrier  25 x 25mm, to minimize undesirable reflections from the sides of the tank an arrangement of four free gauze strips are given which, when is utilize, are organized around the edges to from a 'breach' on all sides. 

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