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Ray Export is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Structural Mechanics Lab in India, Mozambique,Educational Lab Equipment in Supplier Kenya, Southren African region, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe. Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Tanzania and Uganda.

All the products are manufactured under strict quality control facility. Bulk quantities appreciated. Structural Mechanics or Mechanics of structures is that the computation of deformations, deflections, and internal forces or stresses (stress equivalents) among structures, either for style or for performance analysis of existing structures. We tend to square measure in skilled to manufacturing and exporting of structural mechanics workplace equipments, verification Clarke s Maxwell reciprocal theorem, behavior of column struts equipment, incurvate member equipment, elastically coupled beam equipment, bridge equipment, Redundant Joint equipment, fastened Joint Model, Bending Moment & Shear Force equipment and Torsion of Rods equipment in India. Ray Export are leading in the Structural Mechanics Lab Engineering Equipment, Structural Mechanics Lab, Structural Mechanics Engineering Laboratory Equipment, Engineering Lab Equipments, Structural Mechanics Lab Manufacturer, Structural Mechanics Lab India, Structural Mechanics Lab Exporter, Structural Mechanics Lab Suppliers India, Mechanical Lab, Structural Mechanics Laboratory.

Apparatus For Verification Of Clarke's Maxwell Reciprocal Theorem


With our in fact propelled group in our ultra-present day producing office, we offer an aggressive scope of Apparatus for Verification of Clarke's Maxwell Reciprocal Theorem. 

1. Mechanical assembly comprise of a gentle steel bar 100cm long and 1.25cm x 4mm in cross segment with graduations at each 10cm along the length. 

2. It is hung on two blade edge bolsters which are 70cm separated with a 30cm shade on one side. Proportional hypothesis can be checked by coordinate estimations of the redirections of different focuses with a dial measure in light of the heap set at the equal focuses. 

3. A dial check with 25mm travel (with an attractive base) is furnished with the mechanical assembly. It comes finish with a supporting stand and an arrangement of weights.

Behaviour of Column and Struts Apparatus


Conduct of Column and Struts Apparatus is accessible with us. The plan of the mechanical assembly holds four spring steel segments which are put along a vertical wooden board. These four segments have diverse conditions: 

1. The two finishes stuck 

2. The two closures settled 

3. One end stuck and other settled 

4. One end settled and opposite end free 

The device comes finish with a supporting stand and set of weights.

Curved Member Apparatus


1. Bended Member Apparatus comprises of a steel bar which is utilized to make the diverse bended individuals Viz. 

• Circle 

• Semicircle with straight arm 

• A quadrant of a circle and 

• Quadrant of a hover with straight arm 

2. The base finishes of the individuals are secured to the base. At free end stack is connected , its even and vertical diversion are estimated with the assistance of dial measures 

3. A dial measure with 25mm travel (with an attractive base) is given along the device

Mechanical heat pump trainer

Mechanical warmth pump coach can be acquired at aggressive cost from here. Warmth Pump is a gadget intended to exchange warm from to another source. The warmth acquired by warm pump is more when contrasted with picked up from coordinate electrical warming. The device holds a refrigeration framework with water cooled shell and curl write evaporator and loop condenser. 


1. Hermetically fixed compressor utilizing R-12 refrigerant, having limit 0.3 tons of refrigeration. 

2. Condenser - Shell and loop compose with constant water stream 

3. Evaporator - Shell and curl write with 

4. Development Valve - Internally adjusted valve.

Elastically Coupled Beam Apparatus


1. We mean to give quality loped Elastically Coupled Beam Apparatus which involve three parallel bar suspension framework with versatile shaft at their best and lower closes. 

2. The upper closures of the two external suspension poles are secured to a vertical wooden board while focal suspension bar is joined to the focal point of another flexible pillar bolstered at the outside finishes. 

3. It is produced using Mild steel Apparatus and comes finish with supporting stand and an arrangement of weights

Elastic Properties of Deflected Beam Apparatus

Flexible properties of Deflected Beam Apparatus can be profited from us. This contraption is broadly utilized as a part of building labs to comprehend the marvel identified with Deflected pillar. 

1. Contraption comes exceptionally introduced with a steel light emission x 3mm in cross portion and 100cm long, held firmly with two backings 70cm separated situated relatively. 

2. One of the closures can proposed to a known incline by applying a known minute toward the end with the assistance of conceded loads. 

3. At the opposite end likewise a known minute can likewise be controlled. Vertical burdens can be connected at different focuses along the width of the pillar. 

4. A dial measure with 25mm travel (with an attractive base) is given the device.

Three Hinged Arch Apparatus


Three Hinged Arch Apparatus is fabricated from gentle steel in order to withstand the impacts of the investigation. Every one of our items are quality tried and are work agreeing standard modern standards. Following is the working of the mechanical assembly: 

1. This mellow steel made mechanical assembly has a width of 100cm and length of 25cm, with pivots at backings and best. One of the closures lays on rollers. 

2. Along the flat width of the curve different focuses are set apart at equidistant for the utilization of load. 

3. This being a statically determinate structure, the flat push created under the activity of any heap framework can be hypothetically figured and will likewise be estimated straightforwardly by killing the outward development of the roller end. 

4. A dial measure is provided with the contraption alongside supporting stand and weights.

Refrigeration Trainer - General Cycle Type


We bargain in refrigeration coaches produced to show the parts and general working cycle of refrigeration framework. With different estimation gave in the coach, the client can ponder the execution of the framework. 


• Hermetically fixed compressor-limit of 0.3 T. 

• Thermostatic Expansion Valve 

• Capillary tube. 

• Evaporator loop. 

• Services Valve 

• Solenoid Valve 

• Filter-Drier for refrigerant 

• High/Low weight cut-out 

• Thermostat.

Air Conditioning Trainer - General Cycle Type


1. The unit comprises of ducting fitted with different aerating and cooling parts. Wind current is created by a pivotal stream fan. In the wind stream, radiators, cooling loop and steam humidifier association is given. 

2. Cooling circuit comprises of a hermetic compressor; air cooled condenser, thermostatic development valve and evaporator (i.e. cooling loop). 

3. Estimations of different parameters enable the clients to effectively comprehend and take in the essential standards of aerating and cooling. 


• Hermetic compressor: limit 2/3 ton of refrigeration (approx.) 

• Pressure checks for high and low weight. 

• Prescott or high and low weight cut-out). 

• Thermometers for temperature estimation at different focuses In the cycle. 

• Energy meter for compressor input estimation. 

• Condensate estimating course of action. 

• Heating Circuit 

• Steam generator and injector for humidification of air 

• Anemometer for estimation of air speed,

Ice Plant Trainer


The ice plant mentor keeps running on ice can framework. In this framework, the jars are loaded with water and are submerged in tank in which salt water arrangement is circled. The brackish water is cooled by the refrigerant, which thus cools the water in can and transforms it into ice. 


1. Compressor: Kirioskar make hermetically fixed compressor utilizing R 12 Refrigerant. 

2. Condenser: 4 push write air cooled. 

3. Development Valve : 0.5 TR limit. 

4. Evaporator: 1/2" O.D. copper tube - 75 feet long. 

5. Channel – Drier : Silica gel filled - 3/8" flare associations. 

6. Fundamental Tank : 600 mm X 375 mm 

7. Add up to Ice Cane Capacity : 7 Kg 

8. Ice Making Capacity : 7 Kg/4 Hours. 

9. Thermocol protection : 6.5" 

10.Brine Stirrer : Motor driven fan, 1 stage, 1/10 HP, 1440.

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