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Anatomy Models

Anatomy Models

3D Raised Charts Models of Geometry


An easy mathematical kit for kids for explaining how to make 3D structures with the use of paper

Measurement Models


Measurement models 

Theodolite Model


A theodolite is an instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical angles, as utilized as a part of various sorts of acts as triangulation, dragging out, calculation of height and depression of far and near. It comprises of moveable telescope mounted on the horizontal and vertical axis. Both the axis of theodolite are outfitted with graduated circles.d circles.

Time Concepts Instruments For Maths Lab


Dummy Clock 

This Fiber dummy clock is utilized to show time ideas with moveable hand of hours and minuets. Made up to light weight fiber sheet, simple to deal with. 

Students Clock Write And Wipe 

Urge class to participate with compose on/compose-off clock. This arrangement of 5 timekeepers is Great for little gathering exercises. tickers with mobile hands and a place to write in digital time.  Great way to encourage student participation in time-writing activities.

Equipped Teacher Clock 

This Geared clock Accurate to the hours with the movement of moment Arm. This equipped showing clock is an incredible manipulative of time-telling aptitudes for your students. This clock is given brilliant shading clock arms, highlighting simple to-peruse. Concealed riggings keep up revise hour and moment connections as you control versatile hands. Clock is made of solid plastic. 

Student Time Indicator 

To contrast local times of various nations and GMT. Read different times for various nations and compare. 

Time and Work Kit 

This pack is furnished with grouped shading right edge triangle with computerized stop watch. This pack help to ascertain work eat in a same time traverse by the different group. 

Theorems Concepts Instruments For Maths Lab


Junior Pythagoras Theorem 

To check that in a right angle square of the hypotenuse is equivalent to the aggregate of the squares of other two sides. Given one plastic right edge triangle with measure 3" x 4" and set of 3 side square equivalent to the sides of triangle appropriately printed lattice of each square inchs. 

Senior Pythagoras Theorem Magnetic 

Pythagoras hypothesis (Senior) furnished in acrylic comprise with 4 right edge triangle and 1 major square. The general size 16" x 16" in measure having solid magnet at back to show  

Pythagoaros Theorem By Reverse Method 

This manipulative is comprised of foam and magnet at the back for show reason. 

Direct Combination Of Vector 

Conic Section 

Set Consist With 4 Secction Model Of Cone 

Circle , Hyperbola 

eclipse , Perabola 

Pythagoras Theorem By Small Square 

To understand Pythagoras through entertainment n learn strategy by arranging unit square to make side square. 

Ring Of Theorems 

Ring of hypothesis is use to Understand the properties of circle, properties of opp angle of cyclic quadrilateral, Angles in a half circle is a right angle, Angles in a similar fragment of a circle are equivalent. This manipulative is given elastic groups and reusable storage box. 

Working Model Of Pythagoras Theorem 

This working model is the considerable approach to show evidence of pythagoras theorem by volume to demonstrate to hole class that sum of volume of side A and side B is equal to the volume of side C.

Sorting Concepts Instruments


2d-Shape                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Two-dimensional shapes are a vital math topic for students. Use fun and exciting hands-on activities addressing shape names and properties that will motivate  students. 

PatternBlock(foam)                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pattern blocks offer a distinctive way for your child to learn shapes , Using geometric , color shapes such as triangle ,square ,parallelograms, rhombuses, trapezoids and hexagons, provide hands-on activities for learning fractions, shapes, addition, subtraction and other mathematical concepts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Attribute Block                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Attribute blocks sets include red, yellow and blue circles, hexagons, rectangles, squares and triangles.Attribute blocks encourage logical thinking, problem solving and learning math vocabulary. 

Place Value Concepts Instruments


Frame Abacus (wooden) With Beads:This wooden Abacus with 10 wire and 10 dots in each wire in 10 distinctive shading dots is a "number cruncher" that shows math abilities, example and shading acknowledgment                                                                                             Counting Abacus (wooden) With 55 Beads:This is sober wooden edge math device with 10 wire, first wire contains 1 bead and tenth wire contain 10 beads in rising order.

Splicing Bards


Splicing bards for Maths Lab

Geometry Physique For Child


Ray Export provides Geometry physique for child

Graph Block


Graph Block is a piece of a diagram is a maximal associated subgraph with no cut vertex – a subgraph with however many edges as could be expected under the circumstances and no cut vertex.