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Mathematics Lab Kit

Mathematics Lab Kit

Mathematics Kit Exporters, Maths Kits Manufacturers - We produce Comprehensive Maths kits for the classroom and for maths teachers, these strand specific kits, problem solving kits are excellent for teaching maths topics.

Junior Mathematics Kit For Maths Lab


Junior Mathematics Kit consist : 

1. Abacus

2. Jr. Abacus

3. Power²

4. Sit & Set

Senior Mathematics Kit For Maths Lab


Kit - The kit for senior school students to grab the concepts of mathematics includes 

1. Geoboard

2. Magnetic Fraction Disk

3. Set Of Marbles

4. Pythagorus Theorem (Magnetic)

5. Dummy Cheque Book & Pay In Slip

6. Mensuration Kit

7. Derivation Of Pie (Magnetic)

8. Optical Square

9. Cross Vertical Staff

10. Vernier Caliper

11. Standard Time Indicator

12. Survey Measuring Tape

13. Rain Gauge

14. Magic Circle

15. Cup Set Volumetric Scale Printed

16. Charts On Poly art Set

17. Mathematic Charts

18. Algebra Cubes Plastic

19. Sextant Model

20. Theodolite Model

Square Set For Maths Lab


Square Set - Geometry covers investigation of size, shape position and development of 2d and 3d figures.students think about and build these figures and investigate their properties. 

Tangram Bulk Plastic Set For Maths Lab


Tangram bulk plastic set for Maths Lab.It  Includes pieces of red, green, blue, and yellow in colour. Comes in a plastic storage container.

Colour Dice For Maths Lab


Color Dice For Maths Lab

Dice For Maths Lab


Playing dices ,white and black in colour

Stencil For Maths Lab


Stencil for drawing alphabets

Geometric Stencil For Maths Lab


Stencil to draw geometry figures

Stencil 2 For Maths Lab


Stencil to draw capital alphabets

Circles, Squares, Geometric Stencil For Maths Lab


Particular stencil to draw circles and squares