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Hospital Holloware

Hospital Holloware Lab Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

Hospital Holloware are utilitarian items required at any healthcare center or even for citicals patients at home. Hospital Holloware empowers the treatment suppliers to carry out their functions with efficiency and smoothly, besides serving to in providing higher service and treatment to the patients. Hospital Hollowares include a myriad medley of accessories, devices and tools that are either disposable or reusable. They are indispensable and utilitarian articles, required at each hospital and health care centers for various applications. These medical utensils and devices are created out of high grade S.S. and Plastic, consistent to medical standards and norms, and lower down the danger of infections and sickness. Therefore, these are thought about to be a necessity for various branches of the medical business. Ray Export are leading in the Hospital Holloware, Hospital Holloware Manufacturer, Hospital Holloware Suppliers, Hospital Holloware India, Hospital Holloware Exporter, Educational Lab Equipments, Hospital Equipment.

Dental Trays, Stainless Steel

It is available with 2 different specifications:Dental Trays, 208x109x15,Dental Trays, 209x150x15

Mayo Trays, Stainless Steel


It is of 5 types : Mayo Tray Shallow, 254x165x18, Mayo Tray Shallow, 356x252x16, Mayo Tray Shallow, 432x295x19, Mayo Tray Shallow, 487x323x13, Mayo Tray Shallow, 487x323x25, Mayo Tray Shallow, 542x418x22

Iodine Cup, Stainless Steel


Iodine Cup, Capacity 170ml, Diameter 84, Height 50 mm ,Iodine Cup, Capacity 60ml, Diameter 60, Height 60 mm ,Iodine Cup, Capacity 400ml, Diameter 120, Height 64mm

Bucket (Pail), Stainless Steel


Bucket (Pail) with lid, Capacity 8ml, Diameter 264, Height 235mm

Bucket (Pail) with lid, Capacity 12ml, Diameter 280, Height 250mm

Bucket (Pail) with lid, Capacity 15ml, Diameter 315, Height 275mm

Beaker, Stainless Steel


Beaker, Capacity 125ml, Diameter 54, Height 67mm

Beaker, Capacity  250ml, Diameter 70, Height 67mm

Beaker, Capacity  600ml, Diameter 86, Height 117mm

Beaker, Capacity 1000ml, Diameter 102, Height 68mm

Beaker, Capacity 1200ml, Diameter 109, Height 140mm

Beaker, Capacity 2000ml, Diameter 128, Height 165mm

Beaker, Capacity 3000ml, Diameter 148, Height 182mm

Beaker-Taper, Stainless Steel


Beaker-Taper, Capacity 500ml, Diameter 94, Height 116mm

Beaker-Taper, Capacity 1000ml, Diameter 120, Height 133mm

Beaker-Taper, Capacity 2000ml, Diameter 140, Height 170mm

Surgical Trays, Stainless Steel

Surgical Tray With Cover, 209x158x76
Surgical Tray With Cover, 223x126x45
Surgical Tray With Cover, 223x126x76
Surgical Tray With Cover, 306x196x50
Surgical Tray With Cover, 306x196x15
Surgical Tray With Cover, 264x172x47
Surgical Tray With Cover, 270x218x50
Surgical Tray With Cover, 440x320x64
Surgical Tray With Cover, 355x254x50
Surgical Tray With Cover, 380x304x50
Surgical Tray With Cover, 306x196x63
Surgical Tray With Cover, 323x265x63
Surgical Tray With Cover, 323x265x100
Surgical Tray With Cover, 370x320x63

Tumbler, Stainless Steel


Tumbler 5oz, Capacity 150ml, Diameter 65, Height 75mm

Tumbler 7oz, Capacity 210ml, Diameter 75, Height 78mm

Tumbler 10oz, Capacity 300ml, Diameter 80, Height 98mm

Tumbler 12 oz, Capacity 360ml, Diameter 83, Height 110mm

Spittoon Mug, Stainless Steel


Spittoon Mug with lid, Capacity 430ml, Diameter 96, Height 65mm

Ointment Jar, Stainless Steel


Ointment Jar with cover, capacity 250ml, diameter 76, Height 57mm

Ointment Jar with cover, capacity 500ml, diameter 102, Height 65mm

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