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Fluid Mechanics Science Educational Equipments, Fluid Mechanics Teaching Equipment, Educational Equipment for Fluid Mechanics. Fluid Mechanics could be a crucial branch within the mighty branch of physics. It largely deals with the learning completely different fluids and their behavior after they are moving or in rest. Our merchandise associated with this field helps in delivery out the technical experience. They are designed to perfection and facilitate students ease their doubts and improve their information during this field. Ray Export tend to offer instruments specially curated for the high School children and also for colleges students too. Overall, our instrumentation is intended for all the ages World Health Organization would yet again need to realize and draw some necessary conclusions concerning this area. Avail the chance these days by grabing the most effective deals. Ray Export are leading in the Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics Manufacturer, Fluid Mechanics Suppliers, Fluid Mechanics India, Fluid Mechanics Exporter, Educational Lab Equipment, Physics Lab Instruments, Physics Equipment, Fluid Machines Laboratory Equipment.

Pascals Apparatus (Weinhold\\\'S) For Physics Lab


This test is used to explain the pressure of a liquid varies with depth & not the shape of the vessel, it is a glass vessels, consisting of 4 different shapes rested on leak proof metallic collars placed on a metal base, with plastic bowl.

Pascals Pressure Of Liquid For Physics Lab


It consiat of a glass bulb of size 50 mm dia with holes & glass piston overall size 250 mm.

Specific Gravity Bottle For Physics Lab


Made of  Soda glass with plain bottom and capillary stopper

(a) Capacity 25 ml 
(b) Capacity 50 ml

Specific Gravity Bottle - Borosilicate Glass For Physics Lab


Made of  Soda glass with plain bottom and capillary stopper

(a) Capacity 25 ml 
(b) Capacity 50 ml

Spouting Cylinder For Physics Lab


It consist of a sheet metal cylinder of dimensions 400 x 60 mm (h x d) comprises of  three orifices fitted with rubber corks and small glass tubes of narrow bore of the similar size but at different heights, down one side. A wide base to give stability.

U Tube manometer For Physics Lab


This apparatus is used as a manometer, it is a glass tube with limbs 600 x 10 mm placed on wooden stand.

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