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Ray Export provides all types of Physics Lab Equipments.  Our Physics Lab Equipments are based on to develop and utilize theories and techniques covering Physics Mechanics Labs, Physics Waves and Sound Labs, Heat and Thermodynamics Labs, Light and Optics Labs, Electricity and Magnetism Labs. Our Physics Lab Teaching Material and Physics Lab Training Kits are used by students and teachers in research laboratories, schools and colleges. Ray Export are leading in the Heat and Engine Physics Lab Equipment, Heat and Engine Physics Lab Equipment Manufacturer, Heat and Engine Physics Lab Equipment Suppliers, Heat and Engine Physics Lab Equipment India, Heat and Engine Physics Lab Equipment Exporter, Educational Lab Equipment, Heat Laboratory Equipment, Heat Engine Lab Instrument.

Continuous Flow Calorimeter For Physics Lab


For deciding the specific heat of water or similar fluid. Comprises of a glass tube 100 mm long with heating component (electric wire).

Convection Tube For Physics Lab


This apparatus is used to show the convection of heat in a liquid.

Crookes Radiometer Double For Physics Lab


Containing partly evacuated having two bulbs with two arrangements of vane, containing at its centre a fine pivot which supports four light weight metal arms. One side of every vane is darkened; the invert side is bright, mounted on round base.

Crookes Radiometer Single For Physics Lab


Containing half evacuated glass bulb approx. 70 mm. dia, containing at its centre a fine pivot which supports four light weight metal arms.

Cylinders Set Equal In Size For Physics Lab


  Equal in size. It consists of six cylinders each of size 38 x 9.5 mm. 

Dulong And Petit Apparatus For Physics Lab


Comprises of coloumns encompassed by a glass coat shut by rubber bungs and fitted with inlet and outlet tubes for steam and chilly water respectively.

Edsers Apparatus For Physics Lab


A copper cylindrical vessel fitted with 5 different rods of copper, brass, iron, aluminium, & zinc.

Ether Thermoscope For Physics Lab


To find heat radiation, made of glass with bulbs approx. 30 mm, dia, one knob painted  dark in colour, half filled with ether.

Expansion Apparatus For Physics Lab


It contains two cast iron uprights vertical columns tallness approx 180 mm connected by bars, supporting an expansion bar, length 380 mm, fixed to one upright and laying on a friction pointer at the other with scale, supplied with one each aluminum; iron and metal expansion  bars.



Containing two cast end pieces, joined by three nickel-plated bars,  two slider V-support for a glass coat with inlet and outlet tubes.

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