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Ray Export provides all types of magnets such as Magnet Alnico, Bar, Physics Magnetism, Educational Magnets, Magnet Alnico Cylindrical, Magnet Alnico U Shape, Magnet Ball Ended, Magnet Bar, Magnet Bar Ceramic, Magnet Cylindrical, Magnet Horse Shoe  and many more. Ray Export are leading in the Magnetism Physics Equipment Labware, Magnetism Physics Equipment Labware Manufacturer, Magnetism Physics Equipment Labware Suppliers, Magnetism Physics Equipment Labware India, Magnetism Physics Equipment Labware Exporter, Educational Lab Equipment, Magnetism Lab Equipment.

Squares Magnet For Physics Lab


These are the magnets with magnetic square rubber sheet of size 50 mm x 50mm

Suspension Magnet For Physics Lab


This particular  Magnet  is basically a  Cylindrical chrome steel magnet with hole in the centre

U Shaped Magnet For Physics Lab


U Shaped Magnet is Made of steel. It is painted Half red & half green for showing N & S  poles.

Load Stone Magnet For Physics Lab


Load Stone Magnet is made up of  Magnetic Iron Ore. 

Barlow Wheel For Physics Lab


Barlow Wheel for explaining the transformation of electric vitality into mechanical consist of Star shaped copper plate 9cm dia which is  rotatable vertically on pair of movable centres and dipping.

Bell Electric For Physics Lab


Bell Electric consist of separable plastic cover arch gong. For use for 3 to 12 V AC/DC supplies.

Bell Push Switch For Physics Lab


Bell push switch is a Plastic switch for which is used for experiments

Compass For Physics Lab


It consist of a  Magnetic needle which is on top in metal case with pivoted cover, glass,  dial set apart with vital purposes of the Compass, a locking system of 45mm dia

Educational Compass For Physics Lab


It consist of a Card set apart with points of compass and degrees. specifications 175 mm dia 110 mm needle 

Mariner's Compass For Physics Lab


It consisit of a magnetic needle in Aluminum bowl with gimbals in finished wooden box with sliding cover, dia 75 mm approx.

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