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Plotting Mariner's Compass for Physics Lab


It consist of a  Magnetic needle fix in a circular dish,having printed scale at within the base, fitted with glass on the top Diameter : (a) 12mm (b) 16mm (c) 20mm (d) 25 mm (e) 38 mm (f) 50 mm (g) 75mm

Plotting Compass Glass For Physics Lab


It consist of Magnetic needle built on turn in aluminum case with the two sides glass with cross lines at 90°. (a) 20 mm (b) 25 mm (c) 50 mm 

Deflection Magnetometer Compass For Physics Lab


It consist of a  little attractive needle having 100 mm needle at right angle in an strong plastic case. cord marked with points of the compass and degrees. Can be utilized as a part of magnetometer tests.

Deflection Magnetometer For Physics Lab


It consist of a Compass box fitted on finished wooden base made of non-wrapping wood with meter scale close by its length. Compass box is removable.

Demonstration Transformer For Physics Lab


One primary coil and 2 exchangeable secondary coils, 6 and 12 volt at 2 amp.

Demountable Transformer For Physics Lab


An extensive scale transformer, perfect for classroom. The coils are fitted with in-between yields giving numerous transformation ratios. Additionally, one of them has a mains link with the goal that you don't require an outside power supply unit

Dip Circle For Physics Lab


Dip Circle for Physics Lab with steel needle 10cm long on jeweled direction, with round metal scale, 13cm dia. furthermore, against parallax reflect, both rotatable about vertical axis. Aluminum base 15cm dia. set apart at four quadrants. Finish with additional needle dimensionally identical to first yet un-magnetized

Dip Needle For Physics Lab


It is made up of  Cobalt steel needle, 10 cm long, graduated quadrant completely rotatable on metal base, isolated at 45° Degree.

Dissectible Coils And Core Set For Physics Lab


it is made up of different types of coils and cores for electromagnetic experiments.

Electric Motor Kit For Physics Lab


This empowers students to develop six models electric engines. It involves the accompanying: 12 Nos Magnadur magnets, 6 Nos armatures, 6 Nos mild steel yokes, 6 Nos support bases wooden, 6 Nos weaving needle shafts (Al shafts), 24 Nos bolts, 12 Nos split pins, 1 No reel 26 SWG PVC secured copper wire, 2 Nos reels cello tape, 30cms elastic tubing, 2.5 mm bore

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