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Displacement Vessel Glass for Physics Lab


It is Made up of glass, for explanation of specific gravity with overflow spout.

Displacement Vessel Tin Large for Physics Lab

It is Made up of tin plate, for explaining  specific gravity with overflow spout and handle.

Displacement Vessel Tin for Physics Lab


It is Made of tin , for explaining  specific gravity with overflow spout.

Displacement Vessel Brass for Physics Lab


It is Made of brass, for explaining specific gravity with overflow spout and handle.

Elastic Materials Kit for Physics Lab


It is used to understand the concept of elasticity .

Eureka Can for Physics Lab


Eureka can is used to explain displacement of liquids ,it is made of plastic with overflow spout.

Flectchers Trolley for Physics Lab


It Involves a lightweight aluminum track with leveling screws and padded stops at either end, pulley hinged towards one end, cinch for vibrator and programmed pen discharge.

Fly Wheel for Physics Lab


It consist of a 200 mm dia metal wheel mounted on an adjusted horizontal shaft in metal section penetrated for wall mounting and pointer is settled to one of the sections.

Force Table for Physics Lab


To check the law of structure and determination of powers.


This comprises of machined aluminum table 40 cm. in breadth. Its raised edge has a scale, graduated in 360 degree, mounted on vertical help pole based gave leveling screws. Body under examination is a ring in focal point of the table secured by lines disregarding four pulleys, connected with the table.

CO with four pulleys, four weight holders, twelve weights 2 x 10 gm. 2 x 20 gm. 4 x 50 gm. 4 x 100 gm.

Free Fall Apparatus for Physics Lab


This mechanical assembly is utilized to find G by measuring the time of fall of a steel ball through a pre-decided distance.

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