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Friction Board for Physics Lab


It includes a wooden friction board 480 x 75 x 18 mm, a wooden slider with snare 140 x 70 x 18 mm, a plain aluminum slider and an aluminum slider with elastic backing, an extra long aluminum slider is given which fits over the rubbing board to give an option surface type.

Geometrical Set Wooden for Physics Lab


It is Made of Hardwood, 16 pieces, models of different shapes and figures in box..

Guinea and Feather Apparatus for Physics Lab


It Shows that the items fall at a similar rate of increasing speed in vacuum under the impact of gravity independent of their relative weights and sizes.It Comprises of a thick-walled glass tube fitted with elastic bungs at each conclusion to seal the tube. One of the elastic bungs has a glass container of around 8mm distance across settled through gap in it that has elastic tubing with cut for associating it to vacuum pump. 1021260/1 Guinea and Feather Apparatus, Glass Tube Size around 500×16mm (Length ×Diameter), with squeeze Clip

Hooks Law Apparatus for Physics Lab


With Hooke's Law Apparatus , we can measure and demonstrate that the stretch of a spring is proportional to its load.

Hydrostatic Balance for Physics Lab


For deciding specific gravity by Archimedes standard, with one sets of long casings and one short frame with a hook underneath for specific gravity tests. With three dish, flexible stand and scale, mounted on a wooden base..

Inclined Plane for Physics Lab


To illustrate the downward force along a slanted plane, following up on a roller because of the gravitational force of the earth. 

To study its relationship with the angle of inclination ? by plotting a chart between applied force and sin ?.

Inclined Plane Simple for Physics Lab


It is made up of Simple, hardwood consisting of  cut-away base to permit cord to hang freely and hinged plane 60 x 7.5 cm. with aluminium pulley 28 mm diameter, and stepped lower face to handle wood block for setting at angles between 24 and 45 deg  with cylindrical metal roller and scale pan.. 

Inertia Balance for Physics Lab


It is  used  to measure mass. while performing this experiment First, you will "calibrate" the balance using known masses, then use the balance to find the mass of "unknown" objects.

Lever Kit


Lever Kit helps to understand the concept of moments and principle of lever. 

It involves 5 plywood pillars 600 x 45 x 3 mm graduated at 38 mm interims, and with a depression over its middle to find the fulcurm point. Additionally provided with four fulcurms 32x32x64mm and 40 metal spaces 25mm square.

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