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Tuning Fork Hammer For Physics Lab


It consist of a rubber ring placed on a metal disc with steel rod and wooden handle.

Tuning Fork Electrically Maintained (Melde\\\'S Apparatus) For Physics Lab


It is mounted on sturdy streamlined base with provision for horizontal or vertical use. Forks is made up from selected steel. Prong is 10 x 25 x 300 mm. frequency adjustment panel, chrome plated, vibrations rate 60 per seconds. Electromagnet can work on 6 volts. 

Tuning Fork Pair On Box (Beats Apparatus) For Physics Lab


It comprises two tuning forks each of frequency 426 Hz on two separate resonance boxes. One fork is fitted with adjustable loading mass. When both forks are sounded together, a clearly audible beat is produced. Rate of beats depends on difference in frequencies. This difference can be increased by changing the loading mass.

Tuning Forks On Rersonance Box For Physics Lab


This air column in the second box causes the tuning fork to vibrate. The second instrument is thus set into vibration by the first instrument

Tuning Forks Set Of 8 For Physics Lab


Tuning Forks Aluminum Set of 8 with Mallet and Calibration Certificate,Nickel-plated, plain shanks, with frequency marked

Tuning Forks Set Of 13 Aluminium For Physics Lab


Nickel-plated steel, plain shanks, with frequency marked . Complete set of 13 Tuning Forks comes with a case.

Tuning Forks Set Of 4 On Box For Physics Lab


This set consist of four tuning forks which are placed on a single resonance box to produce a major chord. When struck together with hammer, the forks will produce the sound of  C major, comes with one hammer.

Vibrator Electrical (Meldels Apparatus) For Physics Lab


This apparatus is an improved version over the conventional apparatus to demonstrate the effects of vibrations in a stretched cord and study the relationship between frequency, tension and density. 

Wave From Helix (Slinky) For Physics Lab


This test is done for explaining  wave motion in helical coil of flat area tempered steel, coil dia 75 mm closed length 11 cms. fully stretched upto  3 meters.

Wave From Helix For Physics Lab


This experiment is done to explain wave motion, pulses, reflection and interference, steel wire close wound helix, 19 mm diameter closed length 3 meters increased to approximately 9 meters.

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