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Civil Engineering Lab Equipments

Civil Engineering Lab Equipments

Ray Export is that the leading Civil Engineering Laboratory Equipment. Our instrumentality area unit utilized by a large client base to check strength, durability, snap and properties of building materials like soil, cement, concrete, asphalt, aggregates, rocks etc. Our client base includes construction industries, universities, instructional establishments, analysis laboratories internal control departments. We have got a overplus of civil engineering lab equipment ranging from sampling equipment to microprocessor controlled testing systems to be used each in field still as in lab testing. Non commissioned below area unit a number of our civil engineering lab equipment: Cement testing, soil testing, concrete testing, mixture testing, hydrocarbon testing, compression testing, construction instrumentality and survey instruments. Ray Export are leading in the Civil Engineering Lab Equipment, Civil Engineering Lab, Engineering Lab, Civil Engineering Lab Equipments Manufacturer, Civil Engineering Lab Equipment Manufacturer in India, Civil Engineering Lab Exporter, Civil Engineering Lab Equipments Suppliers India, Mechanical Lab, Civil Engineering Laboratory, Civil Engineering Laboratory Equipment.

Compression Testing Machine (2000KN) Single Dial Electric operated


1. This is a water driven and electrically worked unit, proposed for pressure tests on solid examples including rocks and different materials. 

2. The machine comprises of a steel cross head and cast press base with two columns interfacing the base and cross head by methods for nuts. The water powered jack is settled to the base. 

3. The upper piece of the machine has a self-adjusting activity and is appended to a screw which goes through the cross head and can be raised or brought down for beginning leeway alteratAion. 

4. The lower platen lays on the jack slam and is situated with the assistance of a centring pin. Stacking is proficient by the upward development of the lower platen. 

5. The mechanized pumping unit is of plunger write and is associated with the jack by methods for a steel interfacing tube.

Abrasion Testing Machine


We bargain in thorough scope of Abrasion testing machine fabricated from quality crude materials as indicated by standard mechanical standards. This machine is broadly used to test the rough opposition of strong materials or wear and tear limit of various materials. This test helps in foreseeing the life expectancy of the material. It is connected in quality and process control, inquire about and advancement and material assessment.

Flexure Testing Machine (1000KN)


1. Flexure testing machine(1000KN) Electrical worked includes testing of the flexural modulus or flexural quality of a material test outcomes are somewhat extraordinary. 

2. The material is set down in a level position more than two purposes of contact and after that a power is connected to the highest point of the material through possibly maybe a couple purposes of contact until the point that the example comes up short. 

3. The most extreme recorded power is the flexural quality of that specific example.

Direct Shear Testing Machine


Our times of experience have enabled us to give quality Direct Shear Testing Machines intended to gauge the shear quality of soil, shake and comparative material examples. 


1. The Direct Shear test mechanical assembly comprise of a square or round box isolated into two parts. The example is presented to a consistent load while an expanding level power is connected to one of the segments of the shear box. 

2. This power causes a shear disappointment along the minute between the case segments of this. The shear compel and the ordinary load are estimated straightforwardly. 

3. The rate of strain is adjusted by the briskness of the level power connected. 

4. The heap burden in these immediate shear test mechanical assembly helps in adjusting the stacking framework.

CBR Testing Machine


CBR (California Bearing Ratio) Testing machine helps in computing the CBR with the assistance of load entrance test under controlled lab condition. The California bearing proportion test is performed aids appraisal of sub-level energy of cements and streets. 

The outcomes are joined with observational bends for to discover the thickness of asphalt and its segment layers. It is generally utilized as a part of the way toward making outlines of adaptable asphalt, CBR thickness for expressways and landing strip asphalt subsequent to assessing every one of the segments if the examples.

Marshal stability test apparatus


Marshal security test contraption can be benefited at Hoverlabs. This is created to decide the Marshall security of bituminous blend. The principle marvel that backings the test is that Marshal Stability is the protection from plastic stream of tube shaped examples of a bituminous blend stacked on the parallel surface. This test system is connected outlining and assessing bituminous asphalt blends. The test method is for normal test programs for asphalt development work.

Core Cutting Machine


We convey an extensive variety of different designing lab machines including center cutting machines. The center slicing machines are utilized to cut/penetrate centers of different distances across of concrete or bituminous asphalt. These are generally utilized as a part of planning of bituminous asphalts. The example is cut and penetrated in different sizes in labs under controlled conditions. Every one of our machines are tried for a superior and strength in each given circumstance.

Vicat Apparatus


Vicat device is one of the mechanical assemblies generally utilized as a part of building labs. The instrument is proposed to decide the typical consistency and time of setting of Portland bond. The device comprises of a bar weighing 300 grams and needle in each end, supported in a casing with a scale mounted to figure the separation to which the needle enters the bond.

Ductility Apparatus


Pliability Apparatus is a trying instrument used to test and measure the malleability of the bituminous materials in a block form by estimating the breaking extension at a persistent speed. Every one of the parts in the mechanical assembly are fabricated from quality materials. Our testing items are known for precision of results, longer life expectancy and convenience.

Length Comparator Apparatus


Length comparator Apparatus a standout amongst the most broadly utilized structural designing hardware and is quality test to play out the trials in an exact way. The length comparator contraption is utilized to quantify the adjustments in the length of a solid example in the wake of being subjected to autoclave soundness test. The best pillar can be balanced by the length of the example.