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Engineering Equipments

Engineering Equipments

Engineering Equipment will be outlined because the branch of science and technology involved with the planning, building and use of engines, machines and structures. Engineering equipments for laboratories have seen an enormous modification and advancement in terms of their styles and performance. These instrumentation are used to analyze and design a myriad of products like engineering instrumentation, instrumentation, natural philosophy, electrical instrumentation and others. These are supported progressive technology, and are offered by varied Engineering Equipments manufacturers and exporters. Ray Export are leading in the Engineering Equipment, Engineering Lab Equipments, Engineering Equipment Manufacturer, Engineering Equipment India, Engineering Equipment Exporter, Engineering Equipment Suppliers India, Mechanical Lab, Engineering Laboratory Equipment.

FIAT Turbo Diesel RWD Chassis


Primary Technical Specifications: 4 stroke motor 4 in-line chambers; Displacement: 2000/2500 cc Gearbox: 5 forward speeds+reverse: Single-plate grip with stomach; Propeller shaft with mechanical and adaptable joint; Hypoid differential; Front circle brakes; raise drum brakes with twofold circuit; Rear leaf spring suspension; McPherson suspension front; Rack controlling rigging. Different Specifications: Operated: Electrically (Motor 230 V) Equipment Layout: On Stand with Wheels.

Digital Measurement of Angular Velocity Using Magnetic Pick Up


Computerized Measurement of Angular Velocity Using Magnetic Pick Up This pack exhibits estimation of speed utilizing photograph electric pickup transducer and is an adaptable remain solitary unit valuable in the investigation and showings of the guideline and working of a speed estimating framework utilizing photograph electric pickup. The mentor comprise of the total instrumentation viz., beat generator, counter circuit, decoder, drive

Measurement of Temperature using thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor


Measurement of Temperature using thermocouple, RTD, Thermistor



Estimation OF LOAD USING LOAD CELL TRAINER KIT Completely independent remain solitary unit. Exhibits the standard and working of a heap cell and its applications for estimating of load. Supply required 230V, 50Hz AC. Worked in IC based DC managed control supply with impede and LED sign for supply "ON". Extension made up of 4 strain checks mounted on an extraordinary compound material "s" type stack cell. Worked in excitation voltage for the scaffold. Worked in 3½ digit seven fragment show for coordinate perusing strain in Kg. Worked in exceptionally delicate flag speaker. Worked in multiturn potentiometer for zero modification. Diverse burdens given to working up of load. Set of fix ropes. Housed in an exquisite with a well spread keenly planned circuit format on front board. Emphatically upheld by an exhaustive direction manual finish with hypothesis & working subtle elements.

Arc Welding Portable, DC, BATTERY TYPE


Circular segment Welding Portable, DC, BATTERY TYPE Portable bend welder Variable stepless current 50-130amp Easy to peruse anode to control check Thermal over-burden assurance Forced air cooling fan for broadened execution.

X-Y Coordinate Table for Drilling Machine


X-Y Coordinate Table for Drilling Machine XY slide unit arranged for high development speeds and light loads. Outfitted with high-precision straight aides and tradable working stage.

Cylindrical Grinding Attachment for Lathe (Internal and External grinding)


Barrel shaped Grinding Attachment for Lathe (Internal and External pounding) Model CG1 CG2 R.P.M As Per Requirement As Per Requirement Motor 0.25 HP,1400 RPM, 3 Phase 0.5 HP,1400 RPM, 3 Phase Indexing With or Without With or Without Spindle Option MT3/M1TR Collet MT4/ER40 Suitable For Tool & Cutter, Surface Grinder Tool & Cutter, Surface Grinder.

Automatic Hydraulic Surface Grinder


Programmed Hydraulic Surface Grinder HYDRAULIC MACHINE - is outfitted with Imported seals, hard chrome covered pole and honned barrel. POWER PACK Equipped with alleviation esteem, weight measure, suction and return line channels, U.K. teamed up water driven pump and chips away at low weight. It is arranged outside the machine body for better cooling. Machine is given stock modification plugs. The Magnet slide is naturally greased up through power pack. Every single water driven association are associated by Imported copper funnels, sealed pressure driven fittings and Gates/Markwel water driven hose channels. After finishing of the activity, the machine stops consequently Superior Quality, Accuracy and Prompt conveyances have picked up us Reputation.

Mitsubishi Robot Maintenance & software upgrade


Mitsubishi Robot Maintenance & programming overhaul Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. is satisfied to declare the arrival of their up and coming age of superior robots. The new lineup incorporates the SD-Series and SQ-Series which are the customary remain solitary setup and the iQ-based design separately.

CNC Turn mill center, FANUC Oil control with slant bed , universal chucker type machine with all accessories


CNC Turn process focus, FANUC Oil control with incline bed , all inclusive chucker write machine with all extras BAR PULLER. * TOOL TOUCH PROBE. * LIVE TURRET. * AUTO LOADING. * SPECIAL FIXTURE. * HARD TURNING. * SPL. WORK HOLDING FIXTURE..