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Mechanical Operation Lab

Mechanical Operation Lab

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Standard Gyroscope


The metal wheel is 7.5 cm dia and 3 cm at its rim,carefully adjusted and all the three sets ofpivots are customizable. Finish fitted on metalbase.

Epicycle Gear Sun & Planet Type


Legitimately built model.

Friction Slide


Basic compose having a wooden board 75x15 cm. with glasssurface, a frictionless pulley is settled to one end, four slidingboards of various region are given to decide the power offriction, with scale dish yet without weights.

Working Model of Crawler Crane


The model Is of mounted crane which rotates about Itsvertical pivot moving the heap along the roundabout way. It isequipped with dim line blast which can turn about a hingewhile lifting or bringing down the heap. The unit Is built oflight and solid metal and hard wood parts. Working bymeans of F.H.P. 220 volts A.C. engine. Estimate In length 25 cm.breadth 20 cm tallness 60 cm and precise development 140degrees roughly. Finish with operatingInstructions.

Centrifugal Pump without Battery


The model is finished on base with trough, working with apair of dry cells (3 volts). Without battery.

Pelton Turbine


An all metallic working model, including a solitary jethorizontal shaft turbine. A 20 cm width circle gave withdouble hemispherical mugs mounted in a lodging with a transpatent window on one side. The model customarily works by use with tap water connectedto over head research center tank. The delta stream is given Iiscrew compose controller to control smooth inflow of water.

Different Impellers Of Pumps And Turbine


Each modelmounted on a solid board with terminology. Size of board Is around 70x85 cm (a) Mixed low sprinter cast aluminum around 180 mmin dia. (b) Axial stream sprinter cast aluminum abuot 180 mmin dia. (c) Radial or diffusive sprinter cast aluminum around 180mmin dia. (d) Kaplan Runner cast aluminum around 170 mmIn dia. (e) Francis Runner cast aluminum around 180 mmIn dia. (f) Domestic Self preparing sprinter of metal around 100 mm india. (g) Centrifugal sprinter unique, cast press. (h) Pelton Wheel sprinter, cast aluminum 300 mm in dla.

Pitot Tube


Barrel shaped shape, all metal, chromium plated to discover theduration of stream and speed of liquid, tallness around 50 cm.Complete with manometer however without mercury.

U Tube Double Coloumn


Manometer Both finishes open with one end twisted, fitted onpolished wooden construct with scale advertisement suspensi in light of snare tohang the manometer on a pipe. Glass parts made for Borosil(corning) glass tube. (a) 15cm long (b) 25 cm long (c) 50 cm long (D) 100 cm long.

Determination Of Cd, Cv And Cc Orifices


Overhead tank 45x45x120 cms high isstrongly made in steel sheet and edge ironframe with isolating channel, measure 'glass andscale graduated In cms and liters, deplete cockand flood. The tank has speedy activity valvein front having a looking to take the followinterchangeable openings which are incorporated with theapparatus. Four openings sharp edged-round, square,rectangular and rectangular and four mouth pieces,convergent, divergen 111 shape and re-contestant. (b) Stand for above made of point Iron and Iron strips stror4l;made. (c) Scale and Sliding Attachment For apportioning the curvedthe streaming plane. Flat and vertical scales are accurateto 1 mm with vernier perusing to 1/10 mm. Finish with fixarrangements to the overhead tank. (d) Collecting tank For above, estimate 8OX80x90 cm in strongsteel sheet and edge press outline work. Finish with a glassgauge and scale adjusted In cms and liters and furthermore a quickdrain cockerel. (e) Collecting Tank Size 80x80x90 cm In solid steel sheetand point press outline work isolated Into two water light compartments each having a check glass and scale aligned ,cms and liters and furthermore a brisk deplete rooster.