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Theory of Machines Lab

Theory of Machines Lab

We are prime exporters and suppliers of lab equipments and machines catering to every need of the industry. Theory of Machine laboratory is also outlined as that branch of Engineering Science, that deals with the study of relative motion between the assorted elements of a machine, and forces that act on them. The most objective of Theory of Machines laboratory is to impart sensible data on style and analysis of mechanisms for the required sort of motion in an exceedingly machine. Ray Export offers the complete vary of Theory of Machine laboratory Equipments, static dynamic reconciliation equipment, drilling tool, lathe tool, grinder tool, edge tool, motorized rotating mechanism equipment, and motorized governor equipment makers, Suppliers & Exporters in India.  Ray Export are leading in the  Machine Lab Equipments, Machine Lab Equipments Manufacturers and Suppliers, Theory of Machines Lab Engineering Equipment, Theory of Machines Lab, Theory of Machines Lab equipments manufacturers, Engineering Lab Equipments, Theory of Machines Lab Manufacturer, Theory of Machines Lab India, Theory of Machines Lab Exporter, Theory of Machines Lab Suppliers India.

Motorised Gyroscope Apparatus


The set up comprises of substantial stainless steel circle mounted on a flat shaft, pivoted by a variable speed engine. The rotor shaft is coupled to an engine mounted on a trunion outline having direction in a burden outline, which is allowed to pivot about vertical hub. A weight skillet on opposite side of plate adjusts the heaviness of engine. Rotor circle can be move around three hub. Torque can be connected by computing the weight and separation of weight from the focal point of rotor. The gyroscopic couple can be resolved. 


Exploratory legitimization of the condition T = l w. wp for computing the gyroscopic couple by perception and estimation of results for free vibrations in connected couple T and precession wp. 

To contemplate the gyroscopic impact of a turning plate. 

bservation of gyroscopic impact of pivoting circle. 


Electric supply 

230 V AC, Single Phase. 

Seat region 

1m x 1m 

Tachometer to discover RPM of circle. 

Specialized DETAILS: 


Material Stainless Steel 

Dia 300 mm x 12 mm thick exactly adjusted which can be turned in 3 commonly opposite hub. 

Engine Variable speed of standard make. Provided with Speed Control Unit. 

Weights 2 kg, 1 kg, ½ kg.. 

Stop Watch Electronic 

Precisely stamped scale and pointer to gauge precession rate.

Journal Bearing Apparatus


Diary bearing mechanical assembly to investigate the circulation of weight in slide heading represents the guideline of hydrodynamic grease. The dissemination of weight and the conveying limit can be resolved on a sliding bearing model at various bearing burdens and speeds. The sliding bearing comprises of a course diary driven by an electrical engine and the uninhibitedly moving bearing lodging. The bearing is stacked with various, exchangeable weights. To see the moving of the bearing diary in activity as unmistakably as would be prudent, the model has a huge hole and a straightforward lodging. Both the spiral and hub dissemination of weight can be recorded in the bearing hole at 12 estimating focuses around its border and four along the length. The estimations are appeared by methods for 16 tube manometers mounted on a board. The framework is mounted on a moving help and is appropriate for exhibit and additionally for use in research facility tests

Whirling Of Shaft Apparatus


At the point when the characteristic recurrence of a framework concurs with the outside driving framework recurrence the wonder is called reverberation. The speed at which reverberation happens is known as basic paces. These rates are likewise called spinning velocities or whipping.. 


(1) Supported end conditions: Make utilization of end obstructs with single self-adjusting bearing. 

(2) Fixed end conditions: - Make utilization of end obstructs with twofold bearing. The gatekeepers D1 and D2 can be settled at any situation on the supporting bar outline, which fits on side help F. Turning shafts are to be fitted in obstructs in A &B stands. . 


The driving engine is 230V DC 1/16 

H.P; 6500 RPM. A dimmer condition of 240v, 2amp, and 50 cycles is utilized to control speed of the turning shaft. 


(A)???? Coupling: - An adaptable shaft is utilized to drive the test shaft from engine. 

(B)???? Ball bearing settling closes:- The closures settle the pole while it turns. The pole and the end-settling gadget can be supplanted inside a brief timeframe with the assistance of this unit. The settling closes give change of end settling state of the turning shaft according to the prerequisite.

Universal Vibration Apparatus


The mechanical assembly gave exhaustive unit to play out the vibration tests. An all inclusive edge is given whereupon fast and simple get together of different trials should be possible. The unit is independent to securely store saves. The understudies can without much of a stretch gather the trials and concentrate the hypothesis of vibrations basically. 


Following tests can be performed with this unit: 

· To confirm the connection basic pendulum. 

· To confirm the connection of compound pendulum and to decide the span of gyration. 

· To think about span of gyration of bi-filar suspension. 

· To contemplate the undamped free vibration of spring mass framework. 

· To contemplate the longitudinal vibration of helical looped spring. 

· To contemplate the constrained vibration of basically upheld bar for various damping. 

· Undamped torsional vibrations of single rotor framework. 

· Undamped torsional vibrations of twofold rotor framework. 

· To consider the damped torsional vibration of single rotor framework and to decide the damping co-productive. 

· Verification of Dunker ley's Rule. 

· To consider the constrained damped vibration of spring mass framework. 


· Floor Space: 2.5 m x 2.5 m approx. 

· Power Supply: 230V AC, 5 Amp. with earth. 

Specialized DETAILS: 

· RPM estimation 

o Digital RPM Indicator with Proximity sensor. 

· The set-up likewise comprises of exciter unit with FHP Motor and speed controller, standard strip graph recorder and damper with course of action for evolving damping. An electronic stop clock is given to gauge the day and age.

Cam Analysis Apparatus-


Mechanical assembly is a mechanized unit comprising of a camshaft driven by a variable speed engine. The pole keeps running in a twofold bearing. The free end of the camshaft has an office to mount the cam effectively. 

The supporter is legitimately guided in gunmetal brambles and the sort of devotee can be changed by the cam under test. Graduated roundabout protractor is fitted co-pivotal with the pole. Furthermore, a Dial Gauge fitted on the devotee shaft is utilized to take note of the adherent relocation for the point of cam turn. A spring is utilized to give controlling power to the supporter framework. Weights on the devotee shaft can be balanced according to the prerequisite. A game plan is given to manage the speed. The contraption is extremely helpful for testing the cam execution for bounce marvel amid activity. On this contraption the impact of progress of latency powers on hop activity of cam-adherent amid task can be watched. It is valuable for testing different cam and adherent sets. Three cams and three devotees will be provided with the device. Proposals are now solidified to lessen the wear. 


With the assistance of blend of gave cams and supporters following investigations can be directed: 

To plot the n-q (Follower removal Vs Angle of turn) bends for various cam supporter sets 

The supporter skip can be seen by utilizing a stroboscope (Optional) and impact of devotee weight on ricochet can be contemplated. 

To contemplate the impact of adherent weight on skip. 

To contemplate the impact of spring pressure on ricochet. 

The tests can be rehashed by changing pressure springs, adherent weights and cam speed. 


Power 0.5 kW, 220 V, Single Phase 

Stroboscope (Optional). 

Specialized DETAILS: 

Cam Shaft Material Stainless Steel 

Cams Tangent, Eccentric, Circular Arc write. 


Roller, Knife edge, Mushroom 

Pressure Spring 

Given Weights 1 kg., 500gm, 200 gm and 100gm 

Engine Variable speed, ½ HP., 0-1500 RPM with speed controller 

Dial Gauge Baker and Mercer/Standard Make

Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus


This gear is intended for doing the investigation for adjusting a pivot mass framework. The contraption comprises of a stainless steel shaft settled in a rectangular edge. An arrangement of four squares with a clasping game plan is given. For static adjusting, each square is independently clipped on shaft and its relative weight is discovered utilizing line and compartment framework regarding number of steel balls. For dynamic adjusting, a minute polygon is drawn utilizing relative weights and precise and pivotal position of pieces is resolved. The piece are cinched on shaft is turned by an engine to check dynamic adjust of the framework. The framework is furnished with precise and longitudinal scales and is suspended with chains for dynamic adjusting. 


· To adjust the majority statically and powerfully of a solitary turning mass framework. 

· To perception of impact of unbalance in a pivoting mass framework. 


· Electricity 0.5 kW, 220 V, Single Phase 

Specialized DETAILS: 

· Drive Motor 

o FHP Motor, variable speed, with speed controller. 

· Balancing weight 

o 4 Nos. of Stainless Steel with various measured unusual mass for changing unbalance. 

· Rotating Shaft 

o Material Stainless Steel

Universal Governor Apparatus


The set-up is intended to think about the working of various governors ordinarily used to control the speed. It comprises of a principle shaft, mounted vertically on the base plate. This shaft is driven by a variable speed Motor which is additionally mounted vertically on a similar base plate. Any one representative gathering out of four can be mounted on axle. The axle speed is controlled by speed control unit. A graduated scale is fitted to the sleeve to gauge the removal. 


Assurance of trademark bend of a sleeve position against speed of pivot for all governors. 

To contemplate the impact of changing the mass of the middle sleeve in Porter and Proell Governor. 

To contemplate the impact of differing the underlying spring pressure in Hartnell Governor. 

To examine the assurance of attributes bends of sweep of revolution against controlling power (Actual and Theoretical) for all governors. 


Power Supply 230 V AC, Single Phase. 

Floor Space 1.5 x 1.5 m 

Tachometer to discover RPM. 

Specialized DETAILS: 

Axle Material Stainless Steel 

Representative Mechanism Four distinct sorts of senator instrument with spring and weights. 

Watt Governor Porter Governor 

Hartnell Governor Proell Governor 

Engine Variable speed, Standard Make, FHP Motor. 

Control Panel For speed control of engine

Michel Tilting Pad Bearing Apparatus


The device comprises of a cushion, which can be tilted to the required point. An unending belt, which moves underneath the cushion, conveys the oil over its surface from oil shower. At the point when the cushion is tilted over the oil movie, weight is produced, the cushion is furnished with weight recordings parallel and opposite to belt course. The weight conveyance is estimated over a multi tube manometer. The belt is driven by a variable speed engine. The tilting edge and least hole amongst cushion and belt can be balanced and qualities in this way can be learned at different holes, slant and relative surface rates. 


Exhibit of weight advancement. 

Plotting weight variety bend in longitudinal and transverse heading of a cushion for different speeds and cushion slant. 

Exhibition of cavitations wonder. 


Power Supply 230 V AC, Single Phase. 

Floor space 1m x 1.5 m (approx). 

SAE-40 oil for conveying the test (approx 3 Ltrs.) 

Specialized DETAILS: 

Tilting cushion 

round, square and trapezoidal shapes, one each, with exceptionally cleaned surface and weight recordings. 


Unending belt running over wide pulleys, drenched in oil shower. 

Engine Variable speed Motor ½ HP, 1500 RPM. 

Control board For speed control unit. 

Manometer 15 Tube manometer 

Course of action for estimation of sign and hole.

Slip & Creep Measurement Apparatus


This contraption is valuable for estimation of energy transmitted for different information control conditions with shifted belt strain. Belt slip or crawl likewise can be estimated. The mechanical assembly comprises of a variable speed D.C. Engine, driving pulley and driven pulley of equivalent measurements. The pulleys are mounted on input shaft (engine shaft) and yield shaft. The determined pulley can slide on the base just with bearing square to change the underlying strain in belt. Brake drum is mounted on the yield shaft, which measures control yield. The engine speed is changed by Thyristor Control D.C. Drive. A twofold channel computerized speed marker demonstrates driving and driven pulley speeds. With the assistance of Stroboscope (not in the extent of supply) it is conceivable to exhibit the slip of belt on driving and driven pulley. 


· To gauge co-productive of contact between pulley material and distinctive belt materials. 

· To gauge control transmitted with fluctuated belt strain. 

· To quantify rate slip at settled belt strain by shifting burden on the Brake drum and plot the diagram of (T1-T2) v/s rate slip i.e. "Slip Characteristics" Finding a Creep Zone from diagram. 

· To quantify belt slip speed and watch the constraining estimation of load at steady speed when the slip just begins. 

· To think about crawl of belt. 


· Electricity o 0.5 kW, 220 V, Single Phase 

· Stroboscope. 

Specialized DETAILS: 

· Motor o Variable speed DC Motor 1HP, 1500 RPM. 

· Pulleys o Driving and driven pulleys of equivalent distances across (level pulleys) 

· Loading Arrangement o Brake drum alongside spring parity and rope plan is given to stack the framework. 

· Belts o Flat belts of settled length of following belt material 

§ Fabric Belt 

§ Canvas Belt 

§ Leather Belt 

· Belt fixing game plan o Bearing square is sliding and dead weight can be connected to set the underlying pressure in belt. 

· Speed Indicator 

2 Channel computerized speed pointer with change to change the channel

Motorised Governor Apparatus


The unit has a base on which bearing holders and driving engine are mounted to end conditions for test shafts i.e. two finishes are settled or one end settled. This mechanical assembly is intended to show the procedure and standards of spinning of shafts with single rotor. As nature of the test is ruinous, thus the unit just exhibits the wonder of spinning shafts. It accompanies 


1. Test shaft - 4.75 mm, 6.35 mm and 7.9 mm - 2 each. 

2. Drive engine keeps running on 1/8 HP, 1500 rpm with control framework