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Teclu Burner


The Teclu burner is a laboratory gas burner actually it is a variant of the bunse...

Fishtail Burner

These burners can be supplied in any ribbon length from 100 mm to 400 mm (4" to 16")

Meker Burner


This apparatus is used to produce multiple open gas flames and it is also used for heating, sterilization, and combustion. It is used when laboratory work requires a hotter flame than attainable us...

Flame Spreader


Round wick lamps rely on hot air increasing inside their chimney to provide fresh  rich air into the burner to feed the flame. Their burners are built to draw fresh air to the flame from both ...

Bunsen Burner With Stop Cock


nickel plated burner tube of brass 12 mm. Diameter with air regulator adjustable and a cylindrical riffled connector, ...

Bunsen Burner


It comprise of heating element.It is in conically shaped refractory crucible.It is inside in an insulated S.S. casing.

Meker Burner-2


Diameter Outer Inlet   0.31 in.

Diameter Outer Mixing Tube  0.44 in.

Diameter Outer...

Human Torso Without Head For Biology Lab


Torso demonstrating instinctive organs mounted on a base, made out of 8 sections, real organ frameworks are showing with extraordinary regard for exactness and detail.

Human Anatomy Torso 10 Parts For Biology Lab


Dissectible into 10 sections, demonstrating ribs, sternum, clavicle with their connections.

Human Anatomy Torso 12 Parts For Biology Lab


This is made out of 12 sections, with tradable male and female structures, mounted on a b...

Human Anatomy Torso 18 Parts For Biology Lab


Normal size dissectible into 18 sections, mounted on base with scratch card. Indicating ribs, sternum, clavicle with their connections, thoracic and stomach organs separable exclusively like lungs,...

Human Anatomy Torso Unisex 16 Parts For Biology Lab


sexless torso mounted on a base, made out of 16 sections, All of the real organ are shown to with awesome consideration regarding exactness and detail. Structures are numbered and recognized on the...

Human Torso With Interchangeable Sex Organs And Open Back For Biology Lab


Dissectible in 12 sections, Male/Female conceptive organs can be effectively taken out dissectible into 2 sections, without ribs confine.

Human Torso With Interchangeable Sex Organs For Biology Lab


Dissectible in 12 sections, Male/Female conceptive organs can be effortlessly taken out dissectible into 2 sections, without ribs confine, mounted on base with key card.

Human Torso Dual Sex 12 Parts For Biology Lab


Human Torso Dual Sex 12 Parts For Biology Lab

Human Torso Dual Sex 24 Parts For Biology Lab


It is made out of 24 sections, with compatible male and female genitalia, mounted on a base. The greater part of the real organ frameworks are spoken to with awesome regard for exactness and detail...

Human Torso, Dual Sex With Open Back 27-Part For Biology Lab


Anatomical structures of the significant body frameworks are numbered a recognized on the go with key. The head is segmented to uncover one portion of the mind. The neck is anal...

Human Torso With Muscles For Biology Lab


Dissectible in 17 sections, torso is provided with open back gives an outstandingly practical reproduction of anatomical structures in their finest detail.

Human Muscular Figure Life Size 36 Parts For Biology Lab


Complete human muscular and organs anatomy. It explains with excellent detail the superficial and deeper muscles, tendons, ligaments, vessels and body structures....

Human Eye 3X Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


It is used for anatomical studies, and is 3.0X life size for display of ocular features.