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Amoeba Model - Zoology Anatomy Model For Biology Lab


 It is in a small pseudopodium which can be opened up for showing the structure, after electron microscopic magnification.

Paramecium Enlarged Zoology Model For Biology Lab


It helps us in showing the cell inventory of a protozoa: macro and micro nucleus, contractile vacuoles, cytostome with membranellae, myonemes and food vacuoles and the building up of the endo and e...

Model Of Hydra For Biology Lab


This model explains mouth coelenteron, testis, organ cells, ovum, ovary and so forth.

Head Of The Pork Tapeworm Zoology Model For Biology Lab


This Model consist of Taenia solium, built commonly in one piece, mounted on base.

Hen (Bird) Dissection Model For Biology Lab


Hen Dissection Model - Natural size, the correct side demonstrates the quills and opposite side demonstrates all the inner organs, mounted on base .

Earthworm Anatomical Model For Biology Lab


This anatomic Model demonstrate the outer character in a segment and the dismemberment in the rest of the, displaying immensely critical frameworks, mounted on base.

Frog Dissection Model For Biology Lab


Model indicating analyzed structure of frog in detail, mounted on base 

Frog Development Zoology Model For Biology Lab


This models explains the clear development process of frog

Perch Fish Dissection Zoology Model For Biology Lab


This Dissection Model Showing all the general life structures after dismemberment.

Rat Dissection Model


This model is utilized for anatomical examination, portrays a full frontal dismemberment for survey major inside organs,and is numbered with a key card for distinguishing highlights. Mounted o...

Bilhariza Male – Female Model


An exceptionally fascinating model demonstrating oral sucker, throat, testis, digestive tract and so on mounted going to play a part with key card.

Trematoda Model


Indicating general structure of liver fluke like mouth, oral sucker, male and female genital opening.

Cockroach Dissection Model


This model illustrates Cockroach Digestive System, Cockroach Respiratory System, Cockroach Reproductive System Female, Cockroach Reproductive System Male, Cockroach Nervous System, Cockroach Dissec...

Pigeon Dissection Model


Pigeon Dissection - Bird Anatomy Zoology Model Natural size, analyzation demonstrating all the inward organs of a pigeon, mounted on base with card..

Fish Anatomy Model


Demonstrating all the general structure of a fish. A very educational model for class-room demonstration. mounted on revolving stand with key-card. 

Star Fish Model


We are the leading producers and exporters in providing star fish model


DNA Model


These structures are portrayals of the sub-atomic geometry and topology of deoxyribonucleic corrosive (DNA) particles utilizing one of a few means, with the point of disentangling and displaying th...

Typical Flower For Biology Lab


Substantial size model of a typical flower, all parts separable, ovary with a solitary ovule inside, on base,with key card.

Typical Flower L.S. For Biology Lab


Perfectly composed expansive size demonstrating all parts, separable, mounted on remain with keycard.

Plant Cell Microscopic For Biology Lab


Students will watch plant cells utilizing this model. Two cells will be watched, one from the skin of an onion, and the other from a typical aquarium water plant (anacharis). students can compare t...