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Human Skeleton Model, Superior


The life size model of skeleton duly articulated and made up of a mix of clay and fiber glass. It has improved detailing than economy model. It is also available ...

Human Skeleton Model, PVC, Life Size


Size : 170cm life size. Made of PVC Plastic. Removable arms and legs.

Human Skeleton Model, Small, Plastic


Made of plastic. Height of about 30cm. On plastic stand with metal rod.

Human Skeleton Model, Mini


Real life model consist of durable parts with ABS stand having detachable joints. Size: 46 cm(18")

Human Skeleton Model, Disarticulated


This economical life size disarticulated skeleton will encourage students to learn the various bones of an Adult Human. It is a visual aid for instructions of ana...

Human Skeleton with Internal Organs & Muscles


Human Skeleton Model, Painted, Life Size


The left hand side is painted to show the muscle origins in red and insertions in blue. Rod supported, On stand. Size(cm) : 96x46x29

Human Skeleton Model, Painted, Medium


Size 85cm Medium. Made of PVC Plastic. Shows nerves and blood vessels. Depicts the position, course and distribution of main arteries and peripheral nerves.

Human Skull Model


The model showing the teeth of the upper and lower jaw. Made of a mix of fibre glass and clay. Numbered with key card.

Human Skull Model, Plastic


This economical life-size adult plastic skull features a moveable jaw, cut calvarium, suture lines, 3 removable lower teeth-incisor, cuspid and molar. Dissectible...

Human Skull Model, Life Size Coloured


Life-size skull, bones painted in different colors for precise study. This can be disassembled into 3 parts.

Human Skull Bones Model


This highly detailed human skull is disatriculated into many sections. The calvarium is sectioned horizontally with the lower jaw hinged. The basal portion of the...

Human Skull Model, Fetal Child


This fetal skull is detailed to show the major structure of the different bones of the skull. The mandible is spring hanged to view the bone structures of the mou...

Human Skull Model, Infant


Advanced PVC. A whole set.

Human Shoulder Joint Model


Size: 16 × 12.5 × 20cm life size on stand. To illustrate abduction, adduction, anteversion, retroversion and internal/external rotation. Includes flexible artif...

Human Shoulder Joint Model, Functional


Human Shoulder Joint Model, Functional

Human Arm Bone Model With Blood Vessels


Human Arm Bone Model With Blood Vessels

Human Elbow Joint Model


Size: 12.5 × 12.5 × 32cm. life size on stand.Demonstrates flexion, extension and internal/external rotation of the radius. Includes flexible artificial ligament...

Human Elbow Joint Model, Functional


Life size. Shows the shapes and the correct origins and insertions of biceps and triceps. Biceps and triceps are made of flexible material, extension abd flexion ...

Human Hand Joint Model


Demonstrates all of hand functionality and the external anatomical structures. Made of PVC plastic. On stand. Life size.

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