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Human Hand Joint Model with Ligaments, Life-Size


Demonstrate all of hand functionality and the external anatomical structures. Including flexible artificial ligaments. Made up of PVC plastic with natural size.

Human Hip Joint Model


Life size on stand. Demonstrates anteversion, retroversion, abduction & internal/external rotation. Includes flexible artificial ligaments.

Human Knee Joint Model, Life Size


Size: 12.5 × 12.5 × 32cm. life size on stand. Demonstrates flexion, extension & internal/ external rotation. Includes flexible artificial ligaments.<...

Human Knee Joint Model, Functional, Life Size


An instructional model to illustrate the ligament connections. Fully flexible joint to demonstrate abduction, retroversion and internal/external rotation. Made of...

Human Knee Joint Model, Small


About half life size. A fixed type to show the general features of the knee joint. On base. Size(cm) : 12x12x18

Human Leg Bone Model With Blood Vessels


Human Leg Bone Model With Blood Vessels

Human Foot Set Model


Lift size, finely detailed models of the foot depicting a flattened foot,an arching foot and a normal foot. Models are not dissectible. Each foot has 23 numbered ...

Human Adult Male Pelvis Structural Model


These model sizes are just the same as realities and made of PVC Plastic. Pelvis shape: Long and narrow Pelvis cava: Like a funnel Aperture pelvis superior: Heart...

Human Adult Female Pelvis Structural Model


These model sizes are just the same as realities and made of PVC Plastic. Pelvis shapes : Short and broad Pelvis cava : Like a barrel Aperture pelvis superior : R...

Human Pelvis Structural Model With 5 Pcs Lumbar Vertebraes


Life size Lumbar Vertebrae are shown with normal intervertebral disc, spinal cord and pelvis.

Human Vertebral Model With Pelvis & Femur Heads


Life size model. Shows all significant features of each vertebra, including spinal cord, nerve roots, the vertebral artery, a herniated disc and vertebral notch e...

Human Femur Bone Model


Showing the osteoporosis and blood vessels. Size(cm) : 18x14x18

Human Vertebral Column Model With Skull


Life size. Comes with an entire skull and pelvis. The skull has a calvaria cut and a spring-held lower jaw. Size(cm) : 44x18x12

Human Cervical Spinal Column Model


Life size. Consists of an occipital bone of the skull, 7 cervical vertebrae with intervertebral discs, a segment of spinal cord and nerve branches. Flexibly mount...

Human Thoracic Spinal Column Model


Life Size. Consists of 12 Thoracic vertebrae with inter-vertebral discs, thoracic segment of spinal cord and nerve branches. Flexibly mounted on stand, removable....

Human Lumbar Spinal Column Model


Consisting of the 5 lumbar vertebrae with intervertebral discs, sacrum with flap, coccyx, spinal nerves and spinal cord. On stand removable. Height : 34cm. Size(c...

Human Lumbar Set Model


Life size lumbar vertebrae are shown with normal intervertebral disc and spinal cord with nerve roots. Mounted on a sturdy metal rod. Mounted on a sturdy metal ro...

Human Lumbar Vertebrae Model


With sacrum & coccyx and herniated disc. Life size.

Human Birth Demonstration Model


Life size. Made of PVC Plastic

Student Microscope, Regular


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