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Slide Projector


This slide projector is compact and easy to use. The Automatic magazine projector for 35 mm slides. This 35mm manually operated slide projector is specially desig...

Profile Projector, Student, 200mm


Consist of 200mm diameter 360 degree rotatable graduated screen with 90 degree cross hair line for angle measurement, with X-Y movement on ball bearing slides tra...

Profile Projector, Student, 300mm Diameter


300mm diameter 360 degree rotatable graduated screen with vernier and 90 degree cross hair line for angle measurement, With X-Y movement on ball bearing slides tr...

Profile Projector, Industrial, 200mm Diameter


Profile Projector, Industrial, 300mm Diameter


Having 300mm diameter 360 degree rotatable graduated screen with vernier and 90 degree cross hair line for angle measurement, With X-Y movement on ball bearing sl...

Hand Microtome, Bench Type


Hand Microtome is used to cut thin sections of Microscopic materials, such as specimen parts of plants and animals. It is considered as the basic form of a microt...

Rotary Microtome, Erma Type


It is a standard Erma Type Microtome. It has a well designed mechanism with latest...

Precision Rotary Microtome, Spencer Type


Most modern and dependable sectioning equipment specially designed for precise sec...

Rocking Microtome


The lead screw mechanism, incorporates quality precision engineering and the cutting stroke is controlled by a single control lev...

Freezing Microtome


Freezing microtome(cryostat) freezes the specimen to harden it so it can be sliced without ripping and destroying it. This microtome is designed for the purpose o...

Wood Microtome

  • Wood microtome is a universal instrument for variety of applications in all laboratories where paraffin, tissue, or wood are sectioned. Its sturdy c...
  • Sliding Microtome


    Sliding Microtome

    Digital Rotary Microtome


    It is a modern and reliable sectioning equipment designed for very precise sectioning of tissues upto 1 micron thickness.

    Automatic Microtome Knife Sharpner


    Automatic Knife Sharpener provides a precise, efficient and safe method for honing Microtome Knives upto 140mm in length, equipped with automatic timer 0-99 min. ...

    Automatic Tissue Processor with Microprocessor

  • Digital display for adjusting time sequence
  • Battery backup to retain data
  •
  • Automatic Tissue Processor with Thermostat


    Model with two basket rotor, built in safety device. The equipment is supplied with 2 stainless steel ...

    Fibre Optic Micro Probe Illumination System


    This system is excellent for industrial illumination requirements of intricately assembled parts such as carburetor, electronic parts with smaller, recessed, deep...

    Positionable Goose-Neck Illumination System


    This is an extremely versatile system for illumination of samples. This system is compact, quiet and portable. It provides illumination intensity of 40...

    Fluorescent Lighting


    360 Fluorescent Lighting(Circular Fluorescent Vision Illuminator) is a laboratory and industrial grade fluorescent lighting system powered by a high frequenc...

    Quartz Halogen Lamp


    The equipment is fitted with coil transformer for high power transmission and resisting unstable voltage. The reflection lense built on luminaire head affords hig...

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