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Boss Head, Pressure Die Cast, Aluminium


Pressure Die-cast Aluminium metal alloy with two V-grooves orthogonal to each other to accept rods up to 16.5mm diameter, which are secured through nickel-plated ...

Clamp Retort, Four Pronged, Pressure Die Cast, Zinc


Clamping jaws of Pressure Die-cast Zinc alloy metal, having four cork lined prongs to take articles from 2-90mm diameter. The design of the jaw ensures a firm gri...

Boss Head Retort, Pressure Die Cast, Zinc


Clamp Retort, Three Pronged, Rubber Lined


Three Pronged, die-cast alloy metal retort clamp with rubber lined jaws for positive gripping of objects to be held. Plated metal thumb screw for tightening the c...

Clamp Universal


Made of sheet metal, enamel painted with spring controlled curved jaws. It has two prongs that are cork lined, which can accept about 12 to 50mm diameter articles...

Retort Stand, Sheet Metal


Die-pressed sheet metal base with screwed hole for chrome plated iron rod of diameter 10mm. Painted in blue/black.

Retort Stand, Cast Iron


Very Heavy cast iron base for extra stability. Painted in black/white colour. Provided with hole for chrome plated rod iron of diameter 10mm.

Retort Stand, Pressure Die Casting


Pressure die casting heavy iron base with screw hole for chrome plated iron rod of diameter 10mm at centre of the shorter sides.

Retort Stand, Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel retort stand with stainless steel rod of 10mm diameter, length 750mm.

Retort Stand, Plate Type, Euro Design, Heavy


Heaviest and Stable (2.5Kg). Made of 10mm thick cast iron plate with corrosion resistant blue paint finish. It has rubber feet at the bottom and hole for fixing 1...

Retort Stand, A-Shaped


Cast iron A-shaped base of side length 125mm. Painted in blue/black colour. The bridge between two support arms has hole at the center for chrome plated iron rod ...

Retort Stand, Sheet Type with Leveling Screw


Made of metal sheet with plastic feet at three corners and levelling screw on fourth. It has a hole for 10mm chrome plated Iron rod to be fitted with locking nut....

Retort Stand, Tripod Type


Made of cast iron. It has a hole for 10mm chrome plated Iron rod to be fitted. Painted in black.

Retort Stand, Plastic


Material : Polystyrene/Polypropylene

Boss Head Square Type


Die-cast alloy metal body, accepts square and tubular sections up to 16.5mm diameter at right angles to each other.

Burette Clamp, Sheet Metal


For holding burettes vertically in a retort stand, sheet metal, die-pressed with built-in boss head and spring loaded jaws covered with rubber sleeve.

Burette Clamp, Fisher Type, Pressure Die Casting


The special design provides vice-like grip to the burette for a positive clamping. Bosshead clamp secures it firmly at desired position on the rod.

Tripod Stand, Sheet Type, MS


Triangular or Circular top made of MS sheet and legs made of metal wire.
Legs are bent o...

Tripod Stand, Wire Type, MS


Made of painted/chrome plated wire. Triangular Top with straight legs.
Legs are provided...

Tripod Stand, Heavy Cast Iron


Cast iron top with mild steel legs. Finished in black/white paint. Lower end of legs are bent outwards and Legs are bent outwards and provided with insulated soft...

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