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Rheostat, Constantine (Eureka) Wire


Special High Range Rheostats available on Demand. Please write to us.

Rheostat, Nichrome Wire, Groove Type


 Available in Current Rating of 0.3 Amperes to 6.5 Amperes

Resistance Substitution Box


Comprising 12 radio type resistances using standard preferred values covering the range 100 ohms to 470 kilo-ohms. Selection is by means of terminals provided wit...

Decade Resistance Box, Dial Type


These units employs high stability metal film resistance element having superior characteristics to traditional wire wound coils.

Post Office Box-Plug Type (Constantan & Manganin Coil)


The 3-Ratio P.O. Box has sixteen non-inductively would coils 1, 2, 2, 5, 10, 20, 20, 50, 100, 200, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 2000, 5000 ohms and two proportional arms...

Potentiometer 1M, Single wire


Comprising a suitable constantan wire stretched along a meter scale subdivided into millimeters and centimeters, clamped to stout, plated brass end plates. the te...

Potentiometer 4/10-Wire with Pencil Jockey


Also available Potentiometer 4/10-Wire with Spring Type Press Jockey

Meter Bridge or Wheatstone Bridge With Pencil Jockey


Supplied complete with pencil jockey along with lead for connections.

Pencil Jockey


Ideal for Wheatstone Bridge and all types of Potentiometers, bakelite moulded handle, brass plated contact and with a locating notch. A heavy lock type brass plat...

Resistance Box, Electronic Type


Exclusive product of Ray export that offers both Economy and Accuracy. New innovation to provide resistance box as lower price.

Overflow Vessel (Eureka Can), Metal


G.I Sheet hammer-tone finish,the top edge is flared to add strength.
Used in Archimedes ...

Overflow Vessel (Eureka Can), Plastic


Made of polypropylene and non corrosive white colour and has a spout to drain out overflowing liquids, used in laboratory for measuring displacement of liquids.

Bucket and Cylinder, Brass


Used to demonstrate the Archimedes Principle. The Cylinder has suspension hook at one end. All brass pipes with length 50mm (2 inch).

Nicholson Hydrometer


For Solid and liquid density experiments. It consists of a hollow metal cylinder, upper loading pan and bucket suspended of the bottom for stability and to hold the specimen when immersed Made from...

Hare Apparatus


For comparing the densities of liquids by measuring the heights two columns of liquid produced by applying suction to the short limb.

U-Tube Manometer on Stand, Wall Hanging Type


It is small Manometer used for precision measurement of Pressure, Differential Pressure for flow measurement in plants.

U-Tube Manometer on Stand, Table Model


It is standard Manometer used for precision measurement of Pressure, Differential Pressure for flow measurement in plants.

Metal Cylinders


These cylinders are used in density and specific gravity measurement.The ends are carefully turned and surfaces are smooth.

Metal Cubes


These metal cubes are intended for specific gravity measurements. Set of six different metals. They consist of one piece each of aluminum, copper, zinc, iron and ...

Pendulum Bobs or Spheres


Comprising a solidly turned bobs of different metals Available in three different sizes sphere with a small hook for suspension. Set of six different metals. The ...