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Air Pump (Vacuum Pump with Aluminium Plate)


This air pump is suitable for a number of classroom demonstrations, single barrel made from steel pipe fitted on a woode...

Bell Experiment Apparatus (Bell in Bell Jar)


For demonstrating that sound cannot be transmitted in a vacuum. 

Portable Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pump cum Air Compressor, Oil Free, Light Weight


A Portable Diaphragm Type Vacuum Pump cum Air Compressor, Oil Free for creating vacuum

Magdebur Hemisphere


To demonstrate the pressure of the atmosphere. Two concave aluminum cups having diameter either 62mm or 75 are provided with handle and stopcock. Available in Bra...

Fluid Pressure Apparatus (Spouting Cylinder)


To demonstrate that pressure increases with depth. Sheet metal cylinder 400 x 68 mm diameter with three equal size offices art different heights down on the side....

Simple Pascal Law Experiment (Pressure String)


For showing that pressure is transmitted equally in all directions. It consists of a hollow metal brass/glass ball with small holes along one circumference and a ...

Pascal Law Apparatus, Weinholds Type


To demonstrates that the pressure of liquids varies with the depth of liquid column and is independent of the shape or size of the vessel.

Bernoulli Tube Apparatus


To explain Bernoulli theorem by observing the variation in the pressure and speed of flow of an incompressible fluid through a tube with respect to the tube bore ...

Water (Liquid) Level Apparatus


For showing that the level of the liquid in communicating tubes is the same regardless of their shapes. It consists of four differently shaped glass tubes connect...

Expansion of Liquid Apparatus


To show difference in expansion of various liquids over the same temperature range.It comprises 5 glass graduated capillary tubes of equal bore and bulbs at the b...

Boyles Law Apparatus


Boyles Law Apparatus, double rod type with glass & rubber tube, supplied without mercury. This low-cost apparatus is great for demonstrating Boyles law (Elast...

Charles Law Apparatus (Combined)


To demonstrate Charles Law i.e, the relationship between pressure and temperature of given mass of the gas at the fixed volume. Also Known as Jollys Apparatus.&nb...

Charles Law Apparatus, Basic


Consist a U-shaped glass tube of about 15mm diameter, with one plain limb 220mm long and one graduated limb of length 120mm with graduations from 25 to 35 x 0.2ml...

Boyles Law Apparatus, Advanced with Oil


Consist of a thick walled, wide-holed glass tube with a close end at the top and open end at the bottom mounted vertically in front of a scale graduated 0 to 65cm...

Bourdon Gauge


Used to measure actual gas pressure, and not gauge. Consist of a circular gauge. The dial has dual scale reading 0 to 50 Lbs / in2 and 0 to 3.5 kg / cm2 pressure....

Lift Pump


To show the concepts involved in a lift pump. Working model made of glass, consisting of a cylinder and piston provided with non-return float valves and a side tu...

Force Pump


Demonstrates the working principle of the force pump, the concept of double valve action of the pump and its ability to eject water at high pressure. ...

Fluid Pressure Apparatus, Hydraulic Press


Demonstrates the process of transmissibility of fluid pressure. 

Kinetic Theory Apparatus


Demonstrates the kinetic theory of gases and associated phenomena such as thinning of air with increasing altitude etc. 

Prism Hollow, Glass


Prisms made of solid glass blocks with sides. Plane plates for spectrometer work. In velvet lined cases. Made from ordinary plate glass.