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Butterflty And Grasshopper Net For Biology Lab


Delicate nylon work of mesh which won't hurt insects. With 36" long aluminum handle and 16" dia aluminum bow.

Fish And Butterfly Net For Biology Lab


Light in weight, with collapsible 23” long handle and deep bag,can be fold for easy storage.

Insects And Larva Collecting Net For Biology Lab


Diameter  of bag 16 inch made of muslin to pick the small samples with 36 inch aluminium handle.

Theodolite Model


A theodolite is an instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical angles, as utilized as a part of various sorts of acts as triangulation, dragging out, calculation of height and depression of fa...

Time Concepts Instruments For Maths Lab


Dummy Clock 

This Fiber dummy clock is utilized to show time ideas with moveable hand of hours and minuets. Made up to light weight fiber sheet, simple to deal with. 

Students Clo...

Theorems Concepts Instruments For Maths Lab


Junior Pythagoras Theorem 

To check that in a right angle square of the hypotenuse is equivalent to the aggregate of the squares of other two sides. Given one plastic right edge triangle wit...

Sorting Concepts Instruments


2d-Shape                                                      ...

Place Value Concepts Instruments


Frame Abacus (wooden) With Beads:This wooden Abacus with 10 wire and 10 dots in each wire in 10 distinctive shading dots is a "number crun...

Splicing Bards


Splicing bards for Maths Lab

Geometry Physique For Child


Ray Export provides Geometry physique for child

Graph Block


Graph Block is a piece of a diagram is a maximal associated subgraph with no cut vertex – a subgraph with however many edges as could be expected under the circumstances and no cut vertex.

Count Piece With Two Color


count piece with 2 colour is a manipulative object which is composed so a student can see some mathematical idea . The utilization of manipulatives gives an approach to youngsters to learn ide...

Fold Rule


a rule made out of light segments of wood joined by bolts to be foldable, all the opening and shutting parts being in parallel planes.

Fraction Demonstration Board


These are rectangular pieces that are all a similar ht, yet with lengths controlled by the fractional part they show. when all the fractional bits of each shade are assembled, they frame bars, or c...

Round Fraction set


A practical approach to learn fractions. Perfect for individual or little gathering work. Contains 51, shading coded pieces that fit together to make an whole. Set contains 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5,...

Geometry Board


A geometry board is a straightforward peg board that can be utilized by children (and grown-ups) to try different things with shapes by just extending elastic groups around a framework of nails.



A ruler or line gauge, is a straightedge with similarly divided markings along its length. It is utilized as a part of geometry, specialized illustration,

Teacher And Pupil Clock


Teacher And Pupil Clock pack includes the entire class in time telling exercises. consist of 1 teacher explaining clock, 24 students clocks and instructor's notes. All clocks are geared. 5 - 8...

Geometric Pyramid


A pyramid is a polyhedron shaped by connecting with a polygonal base and a top called the apex. Base edge and...

Counting Stick


An instructing apparatus to help with number groupings which go up or down. The counting sticks are vertical or horizontal. There are diverse levels of trouble from easy to including negative numbe...