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Atomic Model Set, 60 Balls


These sets comprise of shaped wads of various hues and sizes alongside interfacing carries of various sizes. These sets are extremely useful in demonstrating diverse natural and Inorganic mixes. Se...

Atomic Model Set, Superior


For Modelling Different Organic & Inorganic Compounds.
Ideal for Everyday Laboratory...

Audio Signal Generator(AF Oscillator)l


Sound Signal Generator offers intense answers for sound testing. It is worked physically and has minimal size, convenience, and programmability.

Autoclave Electrical


 Used to sterilize the equipment
Used in microbiology and healthcare industry

Balance, Lever Arm Type


With circular segment scale that can give double ranges 0-1000g x 10g and 0-250g x 1g. Change from one territory to other made by utilizing the pivoted weight arm. Highlights incorporate base fitte...

Balance, Beam Balance


The parities has four scored measuring pillars graduated as 0-200x100g, 0-100gx10g, 0-10x1g, and 0-1gx10mg, each gave a focal perusing non-removable sliding masses. Parity has secured agate bearing...

Balance, Double Beam


In light of Roberval key to discovering distinction of two sides, it gives exact and quick measuring up to 2kg when utilized with supplementary masses with a comprehensibility of 0.1g. The adjust h...

Balance, Triple Beam


standard single container low shape triple skillet adjusts with measuring limit up to 610g and reached out to 2610g when utilized with supplementary masses both with 0.1g decipherability. The three...

Balance, Electronic Balance 0.1-600gm


Max capacity: 600 g
Readability: 0.1 g (100 mg)

Balance, Electronic Balance 0.01-300gm


Max capacity: 300 g
Readability: 0.01 g (10 mg)

Balance, Electronic Balance 0.001-200gm


Max capacity: 200 g
Readability: 0.001 g

Banana Plug


Banana Plugs are used for joining wires to equipment.

Bar and Gauze Apparatus, Aluminium


Utilized for a showing of extension of solids by warming and constriction by cooling. It incorporates a metal bar mounted on a pole with protected handle and a U-molded metal check additionally mou...

Barlows Wheel apparatus


Barlows Wheel Apparatus is used for demonstrating the conversion of electric energy into mechanical energy. 

Barometer Fortins


Nominal 6 mm bore glass tube. With engine divided dual scales 675 to 820 x 1 mm Hg and 26.5 to 32.5 x 0.05 inch Hg. Verniers reading 0.05 mm and 0.002 inches.

Bee Hive Shelves, Porcelain


Top Porous
Beehive Shelves, Top Porous

Bell in Bell Jar


Chime In Bell Jar is for use on pump plate at the very least 15 cm. dia. Electric Bell working 4-6 volts AC/DC, suspended on elastic rope in ringer shake. Fine curled wire associations with termina...

Bell in Bell Jar with Plate & Vacuum Pump Plate


Chime In Bell Jar with direct plate for performing complete test. Electric Bell working 4-6 volts AC/DC, suspended on elastic rope in ringer jolt. Fine wound wire associations with terminals mounte...

Bimetallic Strips with a Wooden Handle


To demonstrate the differential development of metals in a bimetallic strip. Including a length of the bi-metal strip, 150x15mm mounted in a wooden handle. The strip is just 1mm thick with the goal...

Brass Rod


About 12" in length & 6mm in diameter.