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Brass Rod


About 12" in length & 6mm in diameter.

Bulb Holders


Bulb holders are offered to meet laboratory needs. They are highly appreciated for their durability and long working life. Regular Type WITHOUT metal cup for hold...

Bulb Holders, metal screw cup


Bulb holders are offered to meet laboratory needs. They are highly appreciated for their durability and long working life. Regular Type WITH metal cup for holding...

Cartesian Divers


Cartesian Diver is used for demonstrating floating, suspension, & sinking in accordance with Archemede’s principle. Made of glass.

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope


Cathode ray oscilloscope is an electronic test equipment that primarily consists of a cathode ray tube, a vertical & horizontal amplifier, a timebase and a po...

Cavity Tiles


Standard Design. Available in configuration of 6 holes and 12 holes

Cell Holders, Plastic


This is a single cell holder plastic molded.This is helpful in holding one battery. Open Type.

Cell Holders, Plastic to hold 1 battery Series Parallel


These type of Cell Holders can be connected in Series and Parallel to enable perform experiments of Electricity.

Cell Holders, Plastic to hold 2 batteries


Cell Holder plastic moulded.This is helpful in holding two batteries.

Cell Holders, Plastic to hold 4 batteries


This is helpful in holding four batteries.

Centre of Gravity Apparatus


Centre of Gravity Apparatus

Centrifuge Manual (Hand Type)


For 15ml. test tubes with swing out head and polyamide basins to house test tubes. It has bracing gadget for settling on table. It offers 1500 to 2500 cycles for every moment.

Clinostat Clock Type


Clinostat Clock Type takes one unrest at regular intervals for 24 hours in vertical or even position. The plant is sown in the pot, with clock development on substantial metal base. Manual Type wit...

Cobalt Chloride Paper


Cobalt Chloride test paper is utilized to show the nearness of water. The paper abandons blue to pink on the off chance that it interacts with water particles. The water can be in fluid or vapor fr...

Colorimeter, Digital


8 Filters
1 ml solution measurements.

Colour Filters


The Color Filters are perfect to create rudimentary ideas in material science about light and how channels work.They are made utilizing great quality, eco agreeable materials to make them durable, ...

Conductivity Rods


Each about 12inch long

Daniel Cell, Complete


This cell is relentless and solid and might be utilized as open or close circuit works. It comprises of a zinc bar inundated in a discharge permeable pot which thusly, isin in other copper metal ho...

Deflagrating Spoon with Lid


Die pressed steel spoon, 20 mm dia., welded with rod.
Complete with cover of 90 mm dia. ...

Diode Mounted


For experiments in diode characteristics.