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Heat Transfer In Forced Convection


The contraption comprises of Blower unit fitted with the test pipe. Nichrome wire warmer encompasses the test segment. Four Temperature Sensors are implanted on the test area, two put noticeable al...

Heat Transfer In Natural Convection


The setup comprises of a metal tube fitted in a rectangular conduit in a vertical design. The channel is open at the best and base, and structures a nook and fills the need of undisturbed encompass...

Emissivity Measurement Apparatus


The present Set-up is intended to gauge the emissivity of test plate. The test plate involves a mica radiator sandwiched between two round plates. Dark plate is indistinguishable with test plate, y...

Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus


The mechanical assembly is intended to decide, the Stefan Boltzmann consistent. The device comprises of a side of the equator settled to a Bakelite plate, the external surface of which frames the c...

Dropwise / Filmwise Condensation Apparatus


Buildup is a stage change warm move process happening in numerous mechanical applications, for example, in steam control plants, refrigeration plants and so on. Therefore this is one of the imperat...

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger - Engineering Lab Equipment


Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger are well known in enterprises since they possess less space and offer sensible temperature drop. The device comprises of created SS shell, inside which copper tubes wi...

Heat Transfer In Agitated Vessel


In most mechanical procedures including reactors, warm is to be added or separated to control the procedure. The expansion and evacuation of warmth is finished by passing steam in coat fitted to th...

Unsteady State Heat Transfer Unit


The mechanical assembly comprises of a little test chamber. The barrel is warmed by a consistent temperature water shower, till relentless state is come to. Amid warming, temperature of the barrel ...

Multi Effect Evaporator


Dissipation manages the centralization of a non-unpredictable Solute from an answer by the evacuation of required measure of unstable dissolvable. Normally the dissolvable is water. By vaporizing a...

Citical Radius of Insulating Material


We are engaged with assembling and supply of Critical Radius of Insulation material. With this mechanical assembly, the truth of the matter is contemplated that at specific range of protection over...

Specific Heat of Air Apparatus


1. The particular warmth of air mechanical assembly has a warming component for the air to be blown upon. 

2. The distinction in temperature of air is marker with the assistan...

Critical Heat Flux Apparatus


Basic Heat Flux Apparatus: 

Basic Heat Flux Apparatus functions as a definite device to introduce the strategy for pool bubbling. Our motion contraption has a test wire encase...

Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger


(A)Plain Tube (Water to Water): 

1. The device contain a couple of concentric tubes. Inward tube comprises of copper tube through which boiling water streams. 


Plate Type Heat Exchanger Apparatus


1. We offer Plate write warm exchanger contraption which contain a plate warm trade. It has chilly liquid is cool water and hot liquid is high temp water, taken from fountain. 


Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Slabs by Guarded Hot Plate Method


1. The mechanical assembly comes introduced with a section gathering. The principle Heater and an outspread protect warmer are set between copper plates. 

2. The example as pi...

Thermocouple Calibration Test Rig


1. Thermocouple Calibration Test Rig with finish set is accessible with us. The primary reason for the unit is to align the given thermocouple for the range 0°C to 100°C. 


Heat Transfer From A Pin-fin


Warmth Transfer From A Pin-blade The setup is intended to contemplate the warmth move in a stick balance. It comprises of stick compose balance fitted in a conduit. A fan is given on one side of ch...



SINGLE EFFECT EVAPORATOR Evaporation manages the centralization of a non-unstable solute from an answer by the expulsion (If compensated measure of unpredictable dissolvable. Typically the dissolva...

Thermal Conductivity Of Insulating Slab


Warm Conductivity Of Insulating Slab The set-up is intended to decide warm conductivity of protecting materials as section. The device comprises of fundamental focal radiator and ring monitor warme...

Thermal Conductivity of Liquid


Warm Conductivity of Liquids The mechanical assembly is intended to decide warm conductivity of various fluids. The device comprises of a radiator. The radiator warms a thin layer of fluid. A cooli...