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High Pressure Autoclaves Equipment


High Pressure Autoclaves Equipment 50ml, 100ml, 400ml, 700ml, 1Ltr, 2Ltrs, 5Ltrs, 10Ltrs, 20Ltrs, 25Ltrs from bar stock. 50Ltrs 100Ltrs net filling limit, machined from strong bar stock and upto 10...

Continuous Flow Micro Reactors Equipment


Consistent Flow Micro Reactors Equipment Available in incorporated multilayer glass metal development for response, blending heat exchange Micro channels with particular framework to interface nume...

High through-put Catalyst screening system


High through-put Catalyst screening framework Faster Screening of Catalysts by running all in parallel with comparable conditions Volume: 25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 450 ml, 750 ml, 4 or 6 nos. p...

Continuous Flow Glass Microreactors


Consistent Flow Glass Microreactors Available in coordinated multilayer glass development for blending, response and warmth exchange Micro channel with secluded framework to associate numerous reac...

Fixed Bed Reactors


Settled Bed Reactors Multi-stage reactor frameworks are generally utilized as a part of fine chemicals, oil and gas, petrochemical refineries,pharmaceutical, pesticides and in look into focuses. Wi...

Magnetic Drives


Attractive Drives Zero spillage subsequently zero upkeep and no separate for a considerable length of time Full vacuum to weights upto 10000 psi (689 bar) and temperatures upto 500°C For reactor v...

Shaker Hydrogenator


Shaker Hydrogenator Used predominantly to synthesize or adjusting natural mixes by synergist hydrogenation. Used to examine impetus action. Accessible from 100 ml to 2 liters limit in glass metal c...

Acid Digestion Vessels / Acid Digestion Bombs


Corrosive Digestion Vessels/Acid Digestion Bombs Acid processing bombs of volumes from 25ml to 750ml Design weight upto 200 bar and temperatures upto 180°C. Corrosive processing Vessels produced u...

Vapor Phase Reactors


Vapor Phase Reactors Gas reusing through 100ml impetus bin Multiphase reactor MOC-SS316, Hastelloy and so forth. Weight upto 350 bar 500 C temperature RPM-upto 3000.

Glass Body Autoclaves


Glass Body Autoclaves Ideal for destructive applications and to see the response Glass autoclaves weights upto 6 bar 100 ml to 2 ltrs. volume Material of development (MOC): Glass with SS316/Peek/PF...

Eco Catalyst Screening


Eco Catalyst Screening arallel 6 no. reactor vessels of every 25 ml volume. Configuration weight of 100 bar at 250°C. Most extreme blending speed 1000 RPM. MOC SS 316, Hastelloy C, Inconel, Monel ...

Catalyst Screening and Multiple Reactors


Impetus Screening and Multiple Reactors For high through-put impetus screening/testing/examine 50ml to 5lit volume 4 nos. or then again 6 nos. parallel reactors Common mounting and control board Pr...

Two Shaft Gas Turbine


Specialized Description; The unit speaks to a two-shaft framework with an outspread compressor and turbines. The framework contains a gas generator included a compressor, ignition chamber and high ...

Experimental Set Forces in a Truss


Specialized Description This set empowers the conveyance of the powers in different plane trusses to be examined utilizing the all inclusive test outline . A valuable scope of part lengths spares t...

Two Shaft Gas Turbine Simulator


Specialized Description Nine diverse process parameters can be set utilizing potentiometers on the front board of the benchtop unit. The product gives an extensive variety of outlines and diagrams....

Experimental Set Equilibrium of a Rigid Body


Specialized Description In blend with theuniversal testing outline, the conditions of harmony and response powers in a step are researched with this exploratory set. The step comprises of two paral...

Two Stage Air Compressor Simulator


Specialized Description This benchtop unit permits factors that influence the procedure, (for example, limit, dead space, stream rate and condition of the admission air) to be balanced from the boa...

Steam Boiler Safety & Control


Specialized Description The unit has been produced and worked as per the German specialized controls for steam and boilers . The typical task of an evaporator and additionally breakdowns in the wat...

Precision Friction Measurement Apparatus


Specialized Description The accuracy estimating unit is utilized to decide coefficients of rubbing tentatively. A few distinct sets of materials with changing surface completions can be explored. A...

Experimental Set Stability of Structures


Specialized Description The set is expected for use with the general test outline and demonstratessimple strength issues. The center of the set is a two-section testbar with a focal joint at which ...