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Overhead Polariscope


Specialized Description This transmitted light polariscope encourages acquaintance with the fundamental standards of photoelasticity and the execution of stress probes plastic models. The unit has ...

Transmitted Light Polariscope


Specialized Description Using this transmitted light polariscope, photoelastic trials can be performed. This procedure abuses the way that the refractive list of photoelastically delicate materials...

Thick Cylinder Apparatus


Specialized Description This benchtop unit exhibits the typical dispersion of worry in the spiral, distracting and hub headings in the mass of a holder under inward weight, and enables hypothesis t...

Round Diaphragm Apparatus


Specialized Description This handybenchtop unit makes it conceivable to decide redirection and prolongation in a braced metal circle while subjecting it to changing weight loads. The round aluminum...

Multi Channel Measuring Amplifier


Specialized Description This estimating enhancer is utilized to give energy to multi-divert estimating speakers into equal parts or full-connect circuit and process the estimating signals. It is ou...

Strain Gauge Kit


Specialized Description The helpful conveying case gives all the fundamental apparatuses, glues and incidental guides for fitting strain measures to segments, and for associating up the strain chec...

Strain Gauge Calibration Apparatus


Specialized Description In a straight forward way strain checks give solid data on the circulation, course and size of mechanical twisting in parts under load. Adequate information of this estimati...

Strain Gauge Training System


Specialized Description Strain checks are utilized broadly in sensor frameworks to identify powers, minutes and misshapenings. The FL100 experimentation framework gives acomprehensive prologue to t...

Unsymmetrical Cantilever Apparatus


Specialized Description On thisbenchtop unit, the game plan of the shaft examples on their side empowers the test set-up to be unmistakably observed. By watching the shaft from the front, the twist...

Standard Gyroscope


The metal wheel is 7.5 cm dia and 3 cm at its rim,carefully adjusted and all the three sets ofpivots are customizable. Finish fitted on metalbase.

Epicycle Gear Sun & Planet Type


Legitimately built model.

Tortion Apparatus Searle's Type


Level seat design. The wheelmoving on metal roller is providedwith a hurl to hold the bar undertest. The opposite end of the bar isclamped firmly to bracked. Thepoints and scales are steadily in si...

Friction Slide


Basic compose having a wooden board 75x15 cm. with glasssurface, a frictionless pulley is settled to one end, four slidingboards of various region are given to decide the power offriction, with sca...

Working Model of Crawler Crane


The model Is of mounted crane which rotates about Itsvertical pivot moving the heap along the roundabout way. It isequipped with dim line blast which can turn about a hingewhile lifting or bringing...

Blast Furnance


The central highlights of productionsequence of iron from are with utilizationof squander gases completely showed fromstudy of the model. The entire about cutway in outline and plainly marked. othe...

Centrifugal Pump Iron Base with Pulley


An all metallic area cut little size exhibition modelmade of cast aluminum parts. Rotator presses wateroutward by radial activity. Finish on a cast press basewith a pulley.

Centrifugal Pump without Battery


The model is finished on base with trough, working with apair of dry cells (3 volts). Without battery.

Pelton Turbine


An all metallic working model, including a solitary jethorizontal shaft turbine. A 20 cm width circle gave withdouble hemispherical mugs mounted in a lodging with a transpatent window on one side. ...

Different Impellers Of Pumps And Turbine


Each modelmounted on a solid board with terminology. Size of board Is around 70x85 cm (a) Mixed low sprinter cast aluminum around 180 mmin dia. (b) Axial stream sprinter cast aluminum abuot 180 mmi...

Pitot Tube


Barrel shaped shape, all metal, chromium plated to discover theduration of stream and speed of liquid, tallness around 50 cm.Complete with manometer however without mercury.