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U Tube Double Coloumn


Manometer Both finishes open with one end twisted, fitted onpolished wooden construct with scale advertisement suspensi in light of snare tohang the manometer on a pipe. Glass parts made for Borosi...

Determination Of Cd, Cv And Cc Orifices


Overhead tank 45x45x120 cms high isstrongly made in steel sheet and edge ironframe with isolating channel, measure 'glass andscale graduated In cms and liters, deplete cockand flood. The ta...

Rain Gauge Measuring Jar Spare


Diverse writes for different sorts of non-recording raingauges. (I) Plastic Jar to record 12.5 mm. of rain. Reasonable for rain.Gauge No. 441 (ii) Glass Jar to record rain upto 20 mm of rain reason...

Cloud Apparatus


For exhibiting the arrangement of mists. Comprises of aglass globule with a tube having two openings. To the largeropening is connected an elastic globule; to the next an elastic tubeand a squeeze ...

Anemometer, Cup Counter


According to 151 Specification No. IS 5912-70. The instrument has a glass wheel comprising of three tapered mugs in a level plane. The glass wheel shaft Is of stainless steel and associated by worm...



This is an exactness instrument which demonstrates tallness abovesea level (or elevation). The standard utilized is that of asensitive aneroid indicator which reacts to a smallvariations in air wei...

Tortion Apparatus (Clamp Pattern)


It Is more helpful to watch thetortion delivered in poles of varyinglength between 1 meter to 2 meter.The unit incorporates two overwhelming clamps,one of which is fitted with a wheelgraduated in 9...

Model of Refrigerator


Sham model, made of wooden and metallic parts, showingMotor, Compressor, Condenser, Fan, Valves, Expansionpipe and so forth wonderfully painted white.

Deep Well Turbine Pump


This is a working model mounted on cast Iron base. Turbinepump is fitted at the base and 220 volts A.C. engine at thetop. Finish with line &plug.

Hydraulic Ram


An all metallic little size no working model,useful to exhibit the constructional subtle elements as it were. It shows how airpressure In a chamber provlde4s forcethrough the valve and pipe. Withou...

Inclined Tube Manometer


It Is fitted on a slanted plane compose wooden base withadjustable 50 cm scale. The slanted appendage Is skilled to swivelround Its association. With graduated circular segment and levellingscrews....

Determination Of Discharge And Coefficient Of Discharge Of Notches Weir Tank


Measure 150x50x3Q cms firmly made isteel and point press outline havinglongitudinal parcels pr vided witharrangement for taking the variousinterchangeable indents. Completewith snare measure perusi...

Accessories Of Fortin's Barometer


(A) Barometer Tube made of corning glass slim tube,suitable for above Fortin's gauges. (B) Barometer FunnelGlass make, for filling mercury in the indicator tube. (C)Spare Leather Bag Suitab...

Worm and Worm Wheel


An all metallic independent apparatususeful for showing the efficiencyof worm and haggle theprincipal of work. Comprising of amachine cut worm apparatus of 25 cmdiameter, conveying a metal drum of ...

Pulley Blocks


Solid and precise chromium plated. Pulleys and edge areof weapon metal: Sheave DiaWidth of Groove Single Double Tripple(A) 8cm 6mm (B) 5cm 6mm.

Inclined Plane


The accommodation and versatilityof this unit has made it verypopular. It comprises of a 15x60cm. wooden board with glass tophinged on an Iron base to which a part with graduated arcand vertical sc...

Simple Pendulum


Metal wad of 1" dia with a snare..

Friction Slide Apparatus


It Is extremely Interesting to think about various laws of grating with It.Comprising of a 75x15 cm. wooden board and a frictionlesspulley toward one side, a scale skillet with the accompanying acc...

Parallel Forces Apparatus- Engineering Lab Training Systems


(Basic upheld pillar typesupported at its 'ends) Forverification of state of harmony of parallel powers, lawof lever and forceps on bar and so on comprising of twocompression push compose 1...

Blast Furnance 2


A littler and practical size model. The unit is clearlylabelled and cutway in configuration, indicating delineated and vividpicture for the understudies to have its clever handle, Thevarious impera...