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Centrifugal Pump 2


Unique second hand, segment cut and of repainted display..

Orifice Meter


Comprises of two C.I, Flanges tapped with British standard pipethreads. Finish with sharp edge-round, square,rectangular and triangular metal hole plates. Apair of brasscocks are given to associati...

Rain Gauge Non Recording Type


Made according to ISI determination (IS: 5225) Itconsists of a gatherer having a surface zone of200 cm2 and is fitted with firearm metal edge, funneland locking ring. The rain fall limit is 200 cma...

Dew Point Apparatus


Air is blown through ether contained in a little nickel-pla1edbrass vessel. Finish with glass supply tube and rubberbulb, yet without thermometer..

Table Thermometer


With spine, fitted on wooden base, with chain for hangingagainst divider. Range 10° to + 60°C. Case distance across - (a) 10cm, (b) 15 cm..

Shear Legs Apparatus


Mounted on tough wooden base withprovision for changing the weight betweenlegs, finish with two tubular compressionbalances, one pressure adjust - . what's more, scalepan. Without weights.

Jointed Roof Truss on Wheels


The mechanical assembly is around 1.2 meter long andstrongly Constructed in all metal, one leg is fittedon an immoveable section and alternate onrollers. Spring adjusts indicate strain on therod an...

Working Model Of A Scraper


Scrubber unit contains a driveunit coupled by an all inclusive Jointsto the scratching unit. The scrapingunit comprises of a smock, hingedshoval climbing and down and push secondary passage. Themot...

Rotary Pump 300mm, Applied Mechanics Equipments


It is an all metallic legitimately built expansive size model.Vanes driven by under opened chamber rotate whimsical toouter sheet. One side is secured with plexi glass. Completeon base, stature aro...

Model of Direct Rotary Rig


Those essential rule from claiming operation of a rotating rig would clearlydemonstrated by this helpful measure open constructionmodel. It will be mounted with respect to An truck couch chasis, pa...

Gear Pump Model


It is an at metallic appropriately constructed model, you quit offering on that one side iscovered with plexi glass demonstrating to inner points. Completeon base, stature around 300 mm. 


Rotary Pump


It is an the greater part metallic legitimately constructed extensive size model. Vanes driven Toward internal slotted barrel rotate unpredictable toouter shell, it meets expectations Concerning il...

Hydraulic Press Model


Verwoerd unrivaled for cast metallic parts, genuine attempting modelfitted ahead metal base. 

Hydraulic Ram 2


An all brownish baby admeasurement no alive model,useful to authenticate the constructional capacity only. It demonstrates how airpressure In a alcove provlde4s forcethrough the valve and pipe. Wit...

Micrometer Contract on Gauge


Micrometer Contract on Gauge



Constructed for cast iron for weapon metal shrubberies. The'ends need aid flanged which might a chance to be easilyconnected of channel accordance. They need aid made about thefollowing sizes about...

Apparatus To Determlne Losses In Pipe Line


Because of sudden passing Enlargement, Contractlon and so forth throughout this way, observing and stock arrangement of all instrumentation may be enha the unit may be comprising of six g. !. Pipes...

Water Finder (A Qua Finder)


The best issue at present On cultivating will be with spot waterunder the ground. Here may be a interesting mechanical assembly which helpsyou should investigate the accessibility about water over ...

Weather Vane


Constructed to lasting outdoorInstal l ati around. Wi nd di recti once camwood bedetermi ned starting with i ndoors wi th thiselectrically signalling vane. The 60 cmarrow turns with straightforward...

Roblnson's Cup Anemometer (With Recording Counter)


In this archetypal the alternating Robinson'scup are army on a metal baseplatform accepting two bounden posts. Apillar with a alternating top is adapted on thebase. Three cups with alternating acco...