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Wheel And Axle Simple Form


Including two finished woodenwheels with grooves 7.5 cm and 12cm in distance across individually, fixedrigid together and mounted on steelcentres on wooden base. Completewith line and snares. Witho...

Combined Coil and Belt Friction Apparatus


It comprises of a mettalic pulley of 30cm. width with two scores one for rope and the other for belt. At back a roundabout strong wooden circle graduated at 10 degrees Interval Is given. A turning ...

Structural Mechanics Apparatus


It is anything but difficult to formdifferent trusses with thegiven material and find outstress in various individuals. The accompanying fourteentypes of models can beeasily built :- 1. Single Cant...

Rotary Pump 300mm, Applied Mechanics Equipments 2


It is an all metallic appropriately developed extensive size model.Vanes driven by under opened barrel rotate erratic toouter sheet. One side is secured with plexi glass. Completeon base, stature a...

Tube Well Model


Finish on 30x30x50 cm box base,showing primary phases of the earth, pipe line,motor and pump and so on..

Gear Pump Model 2


It is an all metallic appropriately developed model, one side iscovered with plexi glass demonstrating inner points of interest. Completeon base, stature around 300 mm.

Impulses Turbine


Other than demonstrating the activity of a water wheelglass window, the model is able ofrunning a little dynamo with knob, workingwith weight of water repository in college.heavy &solid dev...

U Tube Double Coloumn 2


Manometer Both finishes open with one end twisted, fitted onpolished wooden construct with scale promotion suspensi in light of snare tohang the manometer on a pipe. Glass parts made for Borosil(co...

Differential Manometer


For estimating the distinction of weight between two points.Fitted on wooden base with scale and gave asuspension snare to hang the manometer on a pipe. Superiorin quality, 50cm long. Glass some po...

Cloud Apparatus 2


For exhibiting the arrangement of mists. Comprises of aglass knob with a tube having two openings. To the largeropening is connected an elastic globule; to the next an elastic tubeand a squeeze roo...

Wind Vane


It meets three vital necessities for exact sign of Wind bearing. It is intended to deliver the most extreme torque in respect to Its snapshot of inactivity, for a given change in wind bearings it t...

Anemometer, Cup Counter 2


According to 151 Specification No. IS 5912-70. The instrument has a glass wheel comprising of three cone shaped containers in a flat plane. The glass wheel shaft Is of stainless steel and associate...

Barometer Case


All around finished teak wood case with ventilations and so forth. (B) Made of delicate Wood.

Altimeter 2


This is an accuracy instrument which shows tallness abovesea level (or height). The standard utilized is that of asensitive aneroid gauge which reacts to a smallvariations in air weight. The changi...

Feltcher Trolley


All metal, fit for being amassed and disassembled easily.A vast metal trolley with removeable barrel shaped weights isfitted with wheels which keep running with next to no erosion on a track of two...

Elasticity Of Flexture Apparatus


Comprising of a nickelled steel pillar one meter long, two knifeedge clips, stirrup and scale container. Spherometer head ismounted on a different base. I! wanted a ringer and batterycircuit might ...

Law of Moments Apparatus


A very much adjusted, machine turned aluminum discrotating at about its hub and can be clipped on atripod remain in vertical plane. The circle moves onball bearing and has various openings, two pin...

Technical Educational Equipment


Extractor outline fitted with water driven jack, hand worked, andadaptors, for taking out examples frame center cutters, proctormoulds and C.B.R molds. The upper response outline hasgroove to recie...

Harvard Miniature Compactor-Astmd-18/1958


This is for deciding the dampness - thickness connection of soils.In this mechanical assembly, the example is compacted under kneadingaction of the spring stacked temper set either at 20 Ibs. or th...

Deep Well Turbine Pump 2


This is a working model mounted on cast Iron base. Turbinepump is fitted at the base and 220 volts A.C. engine at thetop. Finish with rope &plug..