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Water Finder (A Qua Finder) 2


The best issue at introduce in cultivating is to find waterunder the ground. Here is a one of a kind mechanical assembly which helpsyou to investigate the accessibility of water in your field. Thei...

Rain Gauge Measuring Jar Spare 2


Distinctive composes for different sorts of non-recording raingauges. (I) Plastic Jar to record 12.5 mm. of rain. Reasonable for rain.Gauge No. 441 (ii) Glass Jar to record rain upto 20 mm of rain ...

Rain Gauge Recording Type


This normal siphon compose recording precipitation check is outlined togive nonstop record of rain fall. It is for the most part utilized inconjunction with a customary rain check (non recording ty...

Dew Point Apparatus 2


Air is blown through ether contained in a little nickel-pla1edbrass vessel. Finish with glass supply tube and rubberbulb, yet without thermometer..

Crony Brake Dynamometer


Comprising of a two squares ofwood clasped together with apulley In the inside. The pulleyis fitted to shaft proceeding onward the metal rollers. A lever bar isattached to one of the pieces conveyi...

Moments Disc Apparatus


A very much adjusted, machined aluminum plate turning smoothlyat about its hub and clipped on tripod remain in vertical plane.The plate proceeds onward metal ball and has number of holesplaced symm...

Universal Coupling


Appropriately developed all metallic model.

Hook's Coupling Single


Appropriately built, finish with pointer and scale,graduated in degrees..

Flexible Coupling


The model is legitimately made to comprehend the kind of shockabsorbing coupling..

Box Or Muff Coupling


In this cut model, two shafts. closes are made to butt togetherby methods for a sunk key..

Flanged Coupling


Legitimately machined show with jolts, key furrow and key.

Split Muff Coupling


Legitimately developed model. The two parts shot togetherand one side is appeared In segment.

Compound Screw Jack


Comprising of a jack screw of 4 TP.I. furthermore, twofold begin carryingload stage. The nut of the screw is fitted on a pedestalbearing and is keyed to a worm rigging of 40 teeth worked by aworm s...

Compound Wheel and Axle


Understudy rapidly get a handle on a reasonable comprehension of the mechanical preferred standpoint of the haggle utilizing this all mettallic smooth running device. The wheel is of 35 cm dia and ...

Working Model Of Dumper


The Dumper Truck display hasfeatures of an ordinary roadvehicle chasis configuration, gave withself thought process control and mechanismfro tipping the back body and going in reverse and forward. ...

Cupola 2


This model of dissolving unit gives an illustrative andvivid picture for the understudies to have an Intelligentgrasp of the procedure. The different Important partssuch as impact pipe tuyere, tapp...

Tube Well Model 2


Finish on 30x30x50 cm box base,showing principle phases of the earth, pipe line,motor and pump and so on..



An all metlic unit is for showing the standard of ahydraulic lift. The principle chamber Is mounted vertically between2 cm steel bars appended to a substantial cast Iron base. Pistonsupports a stag...

Pure Reaction Turbine


Hero's write vast size working model, All metalparts, fitted on a substantial cast press base and witha warming stove

Demonstration Manometer


It is 50 cms high and around 25 mm in distance across. It isnot a mercury manometer however it Is utilized with shaded water togive better perceivability, mounted on stand