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Hook Gauge or Pointer Gauge


Best make checks including a scale andvernier to peruse upto 0.1 mm.The round brasspipe scale slides vertically by rack and pinionarrangement. The unit is fitted with a snare orpointer & fi...

Piezometer Tube


One meter long, made of Corning Glass with game plan formounting.

Differential Manometer 2


It is 1 meter In length for estimation of differential headwith game plans for mounting with the mechanical assembly No. 461 &462. Glass parts made of Corning glass and fitted with 50-050wo...

Sunshine Recorder Model


In this unit a round base jar is utilized as asphere. It might be loaded with water when it isto be illustrated. The sunrays arefocused by the glass globe of the sunshinerecorder, and will scorch a...

Rain Gauge Recording Type 2


This regular siphon compose recording precipitation measure is planned togive consistent record of rain fall. It is for the most part utilized inconjunction with a common rain measure (non recordin...

Wind Vane All Metallic


Medium size model. Around one meterhigh. Finish fitted on overwhelming cast irontripod remain with formed aluminiumparts and bearings N.E.S. &W. It is agood serviceable mechanical assembly ...

Accessories Of Fortin's Barometer 2


(A) Barometer Tube made of corning glass hairlike tube,suitable for above Fortin's indicators. (B) Barometer FunnelGlass make, for filling mercury in the indicator tube. (C)Spare Leather Ba...

Binomial Cube Wooden Model


To clarify the recipe. Extremely fascinating set in wooden case.

Model of Refrigerator 2


Sham model, made of wooden and metallic parts, showingMotor, Compressor, Condenser, Fan, Valves, Expansionpipe and so forth wonderfully painted white.

Archemedlan Screw 2


Alow lift yet persistent stream dislodging pump" All metallicmodel, finish with water store fitted on wooden base.

Air or Steam Pressure Turbine


This is an all metallic two phase workingmodel, legitimately built. The rotor withshaft is on metal rollers. The unit isprovided with straightforward plastic barrel toobserve internal perspective o...

Hydraulic Jack


An enormous power is obrainable from it Hand operatedpractical research facility gadget..

Inclined Manometer


For smaller scale manometric readings, graduated scale perusing 200-20cm., with customizable repository, and adaptable tubeconnection. Amplification 10xto 20 x

Collecting Tanks


(c) Size 80X80X90 cm. finish with depleting chicken, gaugeglass and scale adjusted In cms and liters.

Forces Of Jet Apparatus


For exhibiting the response of a water Jet on aflat, conelike or on a hemispherical container. The upperpart of the glass chamber is given aplatform to stack the weight. The lower some portion of t...

Spare Glass Tube


For use with Bernaulli's Theorm mechanical assembly Spare GlassTube..

Wind Vane 2


It meets three essential necessities for exact sign of Wind course. It is intended to deliver the most extreme torque in respect to Its snapshot of dormancy, for a given change in wind headings it ...

Barometer Case 2


Very much finished teak wood case with ventilations and so on. (B) Made of delicate Wood.

Screw Jack


All metallic development accuratelymachine cut screw with a pitch of 5 mmcarrying twofold flanged turn table of about20 cm width. Fitted on an overwhelming cast ironbase and finish with two adjusta...

Screw Efficiency Apparatus


Comprises of an independent divider bracketwith a steel screw of 3 cm measurement. Thescrew has 5 TP.I. 'V' type pitch. Completewith extensive power pulley two jokey pulleys,hooks a...