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Rope Brake and Dynamometer


Comprises of a cast press genuinely machined wheelof 45cm. dia with a depression. The steelaxle is mounted on metal rollers tominimise erosion and collected on asturdy wooden casing. Furnished with...

Rivets Four Types


Container head, skillet head, tapered head and counter cunk head,set of four metallic models mounted on a base withnomenclature.

Rolled Sectional Models


Aset of four in wood, point press, Iron, Channel and Girder,.

Girder Models


Appropriately developed in wood (a) Plate Girder, (b) Box Girder, (c) N. Support..

Object Drawing Models


Wooden, delightfully painted and exceptionally outlined forillustrating and educating geometrical illustration. Approximatesize of the model is 20x12 cm. Dismembered in Unsectionised Oblique area a...

Working Model of Chain Conveyor


This legitimately composed model has sporcket haggles with bended arms to work constantly. The unit isconstructed of metal and wood parts and Is fitted with F.H. P.220 volts A.C. engine, Complete f...

Working Model of Road Roller


The working model of street roller isequipped with two extensive back rolls andone front roll. The fundamental body housesthe drive engine and apparatus box. PowerIs transmitted to the back rolls t...

Electric Arc Furnace


Shaking Bath compose. This write has favorable position over thestationary ones. It allows snappy tapping, slagging, servicingand linlngrepalrs. lt is an Important model appearing for mainstructura...

Model of Air Lift Pump


It is extremely intriguing model for lifting water by implies ofcompressed air provided by a compressor unit. The waterlifting gadget is finished with water reservior of 35 x 25 cm.

Impulses Turbine 2


Other than demonstrating the activity of a water wheelglass window, the model is proficient ofrunning a little dynamo with globule, workingwith weight of water repository in college.heavy &...

Water Wheel


Overshot, undershot and bosom water wheels can be easilyexplained with this non rusting metallic model..

Inclined Tube Manometer 2


It Is fitted on a slanted plane write wooden base withadjustable 50 cm scale. The slanted appendage Is able to swivelround Its association. With graduated bend and levellingscrews.

Determination Of Discharge And Coefficient Of Discharge Of Notches Weir Tank 2


Measure 150x50x3Q cms firmly made isteel and edge press outline havinglongitudinal parcels pr vided witharrangement for taking the variousinterchangeable indents. Completewith snare check perusing ...

Automatic Rain Gauge


The gadget is known as the tilting can type Rain Gauge. Nomeasurement is important as the rain is gathered in thereceiver and is dropped into a basin isolated into two parts.After the rain has fill...

Standard Fortins Barometer Darton Type


This instrument is prescribed in a heave rhetoric to routingobservations of high precision. Overwhelming walled corning glasstube and storage are upheld and secured by a metalcasing. Every mercury ...

Metallic One Litre Bottle


Metal Chrome plated..

Foundation Bolts


Cloth Bolt, Cotter Bolt and Lewis Bolt an arrangement of three aluminiummodels.But with four unique sorts of jolts withnomenclature..

Locking Arrangement of Bolts


Check nut, Castle nut, Grooved nut, Swan nut, Stop plate nutand Spring washer nut. With the assistance of these models actuallocking frameworks can be illustrated..

Sellers Coupling


roperly built all metallic model.

Epicycle Gear


Finish on remain with three apparatuses and prepare arm fitted onheavy base.