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Young's Modulus Apparatus (Vernier Type)


Basic however extremely proficient comprising of 10 cm metal scale andvernier to peruse 0.1 mmwith slide. Finish on the off chance that with wire,ceiling connection and consistent cast press weight...

Simple Jin Crane


Comprising of a tubular compressionbalance turned around a hub fitted tothe base. The tie chain has anadjustable edge section and fitted with a10 kg augmentation adjust. Finish on wooden base with1...

Model Of Belt Pulleys


Cast aluminum really machined models. a) Flat Belt Pulley, b) Rope Pulley, c) 'V' Belt Pulley, D) Cone or Step Pulley,.

Belt Drive Single Speed


Complete with two pulleys and a "V" belt. Properly fitted onbase board with crank handle..

Belt Drive (Lose And Fast Pulleys)


Comprising of a determined pulley on one shaft and other shaft hastwo pulleys, one settled and other free one. Finish fittedone base with wrench handle demonstrating beginning and ceasing ofa machi...

Combined Inclined Plane and Friction Slide Apparatus


Comprising of a wooden plane 90x18 cm having change for setting the required point decisively. Finish with grating less pulley, direct and round scale, container, a wheeled trolley and an arrangeme...

Working Model of Bucket Conveyor


In this legitimately planned model an arrangement ofbuckets are settled to an unending belt toelevate substance from bring down excessively higher levelcontinuously. The unit Isconstructed of metal...

Hoffman Kiln 2


The model Is much useful In having clear handle of thesystem, demonstrating distinctive chambers, entryways, fire openings, fluesystem, dampers, fireplace and other important provisionsto give an I...

Besser Convertor


The model is much useful In having clear handle of Bessmermethod of steel make. Ills plainly marked and colourscheme completely exhibits the hard-headed coating. the steelshell Is mounted on a turn...

Francis Turbine 2


In this framework winding packaging coordinates waterevenly to the guide sharp edges. The model isproperly developed indicating water Inletblades, direct, control ring, tall race etc.Complete on me...

Reciprocating Pump 2


Unique, second hand area cutand repainted model of 18 mmdelivery pipe estimate.

Display Board for Pipes


Pipe Specials & Valves and so forth. The set comprises of a strongwooden leading body of size 1.2 x 1.0 meter with hangingarrangement on which different pipe fittings, pipe specials,valves ...

Metacentrlc Height Apparatus


A copper sheet vessel 35x35 cm Is given gadget for stacking on various focuses relating to thekeel. The extension is graduated with "V" spaces conveying two swinging holders for p...

Snow Gauge


It comprises of a 60 cm profound authority having a perused of 500cm2 mounted inside an Alter design wind shield one meter indiameter. The measure with its shield is introduced on standsupport so t...

Self Recording Rain Gauge Spring Balance Type


Involving a nickelled metal beneficiary placedon the highest point of a touchy dial design machine. Itrecords rain fall upto 10 cm roughly. Thebody is of cost aluminum in pleasinghammertone wrap up...

Slide Rule Model


Extremely educational wooden model around 70x14cm in measure withfour scales. Intended to disclose how to duplicate, to partition, tosquare and to discover square root and to discover 3D square of ...

Projection Of Straight Line Apparatus


Comprises of a straight bar put in thespace framed in wager ween twoperpendicular planes speaking to astraight line remaining in the middle of H.P. andV.P. This pole is set slanted to M.P. AndV.P. ...

Bolts Of Four Types


Conventional, Eye Type, Stud Type and Set Screw Type, Properlyconstructed and mounted on base with terminology.

Socket & Spigot Joint


Appropriately developed, area cut model..

Rack & Pinion


Legitimately built model. Finish on base board.