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Working Model of Road Roller 2


The working model of street roller isequipped with two vast back rolls andone front roll. The principle body housesthe drive engine and apparatus box. PowerIs transmitted to the back rolls throughg...

Besser Convertor 2


The model is much useful In having clear handle of Bessmermethod of steel fabricate. Ills plainly named and colourscheme completely exhibits the obstinate coating. the steelshell Is mounted on a tu...

Centrifugal Pump without Battery 2


The model is finished on base with trough, working with apair of dry cells (3 volts). Without battery.

Pure Reaction Turbine 2


Hero's type large size working model, All metalparts, fitted on a heavy cast iron base and witha heating stove

Hydraulic Jack 2


A huge power is obrainable from it Hand operatedpractical research center gadget..

Hydraulic Non Return Valve 2


Metal, Casted Standard Pattern segment cut of 50 mmsize.

Micrometer Contract on Gauge 2


Micrometer Contract on Gauge

Piezometer Tube 2


One meter long, made of Corning Glass with course of action formounting.

Differential Manometer 3


It is 1 meter In length for estimation of differential headwith courses of action for mounting with the device No. 461 &462. Glass parts made of Corning glass and fitted with 50-050wooden p...

Determination of Critical Velocity 2


Including 5 G. l. funnels each3 meter long having diameters12,20, 25,40 and 50 mm andeach having two chickens to be associated with a manometer. Thewhole out fit Is mounted Jon two U molded steel c...

Sunshine Recorder Model 2


In this unit a round base jar is utilized as asphere. It might be loaded with water when it isto be illustrated. The sunrays arefocused by the glass globe of the sunshinerecorder, and will burn a b...

Automatic Rain Gauge 2


The gadget is known as the tilting container write Rain Gauge. Nomeasurement is important as the rain is gathered in thereceiver and is dropped into a basin separated into two parts.After the rain ...

Weather Vane 2


Built for lasting outdoorInstal l ati on. Wi nd di recti on can bedetermi ned from I ndoors wi th thiselectrically flagging vane. The 60 cmarrow turns easily on metal ball wallenclosed, at the high...

Roblnson's Cup Anemometer (With Recording Counter) 2


In this model the pivoting Robinson'scup are mounted on a metal baseplatform having two restricting posts. Apillar with a turning top is fitted on thebase. Three containers with pivoting ar...

Standard Fortins Barometer Darton Type 2


This instrument is prescribed in a throw rhetoric to routingobservations of high precision. Overwhelming walled corning glasstube and reservoir are bolstered and secured by a metalcasing. Every mer...



100 work 4" dia.

Multiplate Clutch


A legitimately built all metallic model mounted on metalbase with handle drive course of action

Hemispherical Sectional Models


Models of Screw Treads Nuts Set of six sectional model of nuts,property mounted on base with classification.



Aset of five metal keys mounted on shaft with collars

Knuckle Joint


An all metallic model, properlyConstructed..