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Disc Brake


Appropriately developed model, finish on base with operatinglever..

Winch Crab Single


Buy Fitted with overwhelming cast press wallbrackets. The notched wheel is of 25 cmdiameter and gears are machine cut. Thisapparatus is utilized for tests wastefulness of mechanical advantage.Weigh...

Rack And Quadrant Gears


Appropriately built model. Finish on base..

Cams & Followers


Model of five unique writes, appropriately mounted onseparate sheets. It is exceptionally intriguing tomeasure roundabout and lineardisplacement of the - cams and followersrespectively. A) Plate Ca...

Action Of Cams


It is extremely intriguing to show the capacity of four typesof Carn-Heart Shaped, Plate, involute and Eccentric.Properly mounted on a major size base with supporter androtating plan

Harmonic Motion


Opening Bar Slide write, show demonstrate.

Single Shoe Brake


The model comprises of a brake drum, mounted on a pole freeto pivot in course, furnished with brake lever, finish oncast press machined base.

Double Shoe Brake Model


Comprises of a brake drum, furnished with two levers carryingshoes. A linkage Is utilized to apply the braking power at the freeend chime wrench lever. Finish on cast press machined base.

Working Model of Crawler Crane 2


The model Is of mounted crane which spins about Itsvertical hub moving the heap along the round way. It isequipped with dim line blast which can turn about a hingewhile lifting or bringing down the...

Open Hearth Furnace


The model is cutway in plan and obviously marked. Thecolour plot unmistakably expounds the unmanageable format offurnace. The unit demonstrates that the regenerator framework helps toutilise squand...

De-Lavel Turbine


The model Is of the best known turbineworking on 40 Ib per square Inch steampressure. Basins are connected to the edge of20 cm dia wheel painstakingly adjusted. Joined and disparate spout is given ...

Hook Gauge 2


It is made of all metal. Perusing are taken scale andvernier. The vernier is mounted on a slide which isadjustable to peruse upto 0.1 mm. For coarseadjustment a screw Is given at the back of thesli...

Forces Of Jet Apparatus 2


For demonstrating the reaction of a water Jet on aflat, conical or on a hemispherical cup. The upperpart of the glass chamber is provided with aplatform to load the weight. The lower part of thecha...

Spare Glass Tube 2


For use with Bernaulli's Theorm mechanical assembly Spare GlassTube.

Rain Gauge Non Recording Type 2


Made according to ISI determination (IS: 5225) Itconsists of an authority having a surface region of200 cm2 and is fitted with firearm metal edge, funneland locking ring. The rain fall limit is 200...

Portable Wind Vane 2


Avery delicate and recently composed little size unit which canbe effectively taken anyplace in open to discover wind bearing, withaluminium vane and counterpoise weight uninhibitedly pivoting onca...

Universal Moisture Meter


The most adaptable instrument for the estimation 01Moisture substance in Grains. Seeds and heartbeats. operatableon 220 V50 Hz and Battery. The instruments made to operatevery effortlessly and take...

Water Vapor Absorption Tester


Water Vapor Absorption Tester - The heaviness of water vapors consumed by an example of calfskin is controlled by settling a round bit of cowhide over a barrel shaped pit in a metal holder having r...

Water Testing Kit


Water Testing Kit: (Drinking/Agriculture/Fisheries) Water assumes a vital part in the lives of living being. The nature of water expended for different reason should be checked before physical util...

Vamp Flex Tester Low Temperature Model


Vamp Flex Tester Low Temperature Model - The Vamp Flex Tester is utilized for evaluating the inclination of shoe uppers and coating materials to split or fizzle at the flexing wrinkles framed in th...