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Hanger Brackets


Legitimately cast aluminum models. Set of four on board withnomenclature

Wheel and Differential Axle


All metal wheel of 30cm width. The hub having diameterof 15 and 7.5 individually giving a proportion of 1 :2:4. A steel axlepasses through the focal point of the wheel which is mounted onball beari...

Internally Expanding Brake


The model comprises of an empty drum, two shoes are pivotedpins. Braking activity can be seen because of utilization of theforce on the cantiIever.

Composite Walls Apparatus for Research Institutes


Composite Walls Apparatus for Research Institutes Owing to our rich industry encounter, we are occupied with offering excellent Composite Walls Apparatus for Research Institutes at industry driving...

Compression Set Apparatus


Pressure Set Apparatus - Compression Set Apparatus are proposed to quantify the capacity of elastic mixes to hold flexible properties after delayed activity of a known compressive worry under stati...

Compression Tester


Security and defensive footwear should give sufficient wellbeing to the toe of the client under the activity of compressive burdens. The underside of the footwear ought to have enough security agai...

Differential Gea


Differential Gear is extremely fascinating to show themanner of activity of Differential Gear, with this open model.

Screw Cutting Lathe Model


Screw Cutting Lathe Model is extremely fascinating to demonstratesystem of 5crew Cutting on a Lathe Machine, with this model.

Cold Insulation Tester


Bottoms of footwear planned for use in low temperature conditions might have the capacity to give low temperature protection to the feet of the client so as not to wind up terribly icy. The capacit...

Water and Soil Analysis Kit


Water and Soil Analysis Kit We offer wide range of digital water ,; soil analysis kits like highly accurate, reliable ,; easy to operate, instruments for field ,; laboratory use.

Doppler Radar Training System


Utilizing on our experts, we are putting forth our customers with a high-performing;Doppler Radar Training System.;These frameworks are accurately create with preeminent quality fundamental materia...

Spectrophotometer (Digital)


Range 340-960 nm with facility for automatic concentration, % Transmission and absorbance measurements. Wavelength resolution 5nm, 3½ digit LED display with a set of 10 test tubes..

ph Meter (MP Based Table Top)


LCD Display with ready indication &Oslash; Simultaneous display of pH or mV temperature ; &Oslash; Auto-read / Hold function &Oslash; Automatic or manual calibration Specifications pH R...

ph Meter (Digital- Table Top)


SPECIFICATION: DISPLAY - 12 mm LED Display 3 &frac12; digits MEASUREMENT - 0 to 14 pH pH RANGE 0.1 SAMPLING TIME - 10 second POWER SUPPLY - 230 volts AC. &plusmn; 10 DIMENSIONS - 170 x 160 ...

Ion Specific Meters


The temperature range is from 0 &deg;C to 50&deg;C with sensitivity of + 0.50o C and is specifically used for sampling the measurement of calcium iodine concentration in the water.

Digital Nephelometer


Display 4 digits LED Range 0 to 200 micromhos, 2 millimhos, 20 millimhos, 200 millimhos ,; 1000 millimhos cell constant compensation from 0.01 to 2.0 readable on digital display 0&deg; automati...

Walk In Incubator


Walk In Incubator

Stability Chamber


 Range : 20&deg;C to 60&deg;C Temp. Accuracy :plusmn; 0.2&deg;C Temp. Uniformity :plusmn;& 1&deg;C Humidity Range : 40% Rh to 90% Rh Humidity Accuracy : + 2 % Rh Humidity U...

PhotoStability Chamber


Range : 20&deg;C to 60&deg;C Temp. Accuracy :plusmn; 0.2&deg;C Temp. Uniformity :plusmn;& 1&deg;C Humidity Range : 40% Rh to 90% Rh Humidity Accuracy : + 2 % Rh Humidity Uniform...

Environmental Chamber


Environmental Chamber