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Crock Meter Tester


Technical Specification:- Diameter of the finger - 16 mm Load on the finger - 150 g (force of 0.075 kgf / cm2) Length of travel of the finger - 100 +- 12 mm Dimensions of the test specimen - 125 x ...

Autoclaves for Corrosion Testing


Autoclaves for Corrosion Testing Volumes from 450ml to 25 ltrs. Configuration weight upto 350 bar and temperatures upto 500 C. Accessible in various materials of development – SS 316, Has...

Audibility Test Apparatus


Discernability Test Apparatus - When worn over the head, the cap might not retain exorbitant volume of sound so at to act like a mishap risk against any vehicle drawing nearer from the back of the ...

Air Flow Tester


The wind current analyzer is utilized for assurance of straightforwardness with which air goes through the cell structure of a bit of polyurethane froth at a predetermined contrast in weight over i...

Refrigeration Test Rig


Refrigeration Test Rig

Single Stage Air Compressor Test Rig


UTILITIES REQUIRED : Electricity 2 kW, 220V AC, Single Phase. Floor Area 1.5 x 0.75 m. Tachometer to measure RPM TECHNICAL DETAILS : Compressor : Single Stage, Capacity 4 CFM (max.) Drive : 1 HP Cr...

Double Stage Air Compressor Test Rig


UTILITIES REQUIRED : Ø Electricity 2 kW, 220V AC, Single Phase. Ø Floor Area 2.5 x 1.25 m. TECHNICAL DETAILS : Kirloskar Make Compressor Compressor : Double Stage, Double Cyli...

Friction Wheel Drive


The model demonstrates the arrangement of giving variable speeds.Properly fitted on base..

Chain Drive


Appropriately fitted on base..

Pawl & Ratchet Motion


Indicating irregular movement of a ratchet wheel..

Crank & Connecting Rod Model


A legitimately developed model demonstrating the turning impact onthe wrench, and the direct worry alongside the associating rodon the slide bar with graduated scale

Four Bar Link Mechanism


Aproperly developed model fitted on board..

Watt's Mechanism


Avery fascinating model mounted on finished wooden board..

Peucellir Linkage Drive Model


An appropriately built model made of metallic and woodenparts..

Working Model of Belt Conveyor


In this legitimately planned modelan interminable wide belt conveysload from one place to anothercontinuously. The unit is built of metal and hard woodparts and Is driven with F.H.P. 220 volts A.C....

De-Lavel Turbine 2


The model Is of the best known turbineworking on 40 Ib per square Inch steampressure. Basins are appended to the edge of20 cm dia wheel painstakingly adjusted. Focalized and disparate spout is give...

Differential Manometer 4


For estimating the distinction of weight between two points.Fitted on wooden base with scale and gave asuspension snare to hang the manometer on a pipe. Superiorin quality, 50cm long. Glass some po...

Apparatus for Verification of Bernoulli's Theorem


Comprising of a channel of varyingsize with control valve for managing rate of stream, with a plan fordischarging the shaded fluid, to demonstrate the stream lines.The supply is around 60x22 cm and...

Rain Gauge Symens Standard


5" dia finish with inside polythene recipient with accuratemeasuring container made of glass. The body is made of G.I Sheetand is flawlessly painted. - (b)- - same - Superior quality andbo...