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Centrifugal Pump 3


Unique second hand, segment cut and of repainted display.

Centrifugal Pump Iron Base with Pulley 2


An all metallic area cut little size show modelmade of cast aluminum parts. Rotator presses wateroutward by divergent activity. Finish on a cast press basewith a pulley.

Air or Steam Pressure Turbine 2


This is an all metallic two phase workingmodel, appropriately built. The rotor withshaft is on metal balls. The unit isprovided with straightforward plastic chamber toobserve inward perspective of ...

Demonstration Manometer 2


It is 50 cms high and around 25 mm in distance across. It isnot a mercury manometer yet it Is utilized with hued water togive better perceivability, mounted on stand

Hook Gauge or Pointer Gauge 2


Best make checks involving a scale andvernier to peruse upto 0.1 mm.The round brasspipe scale slides vertically by rack and pinionarrangement. The unit is fitted with a snare orpointer & fi...

Metacentrlc Height Apparatus 2


A copper sheet vessel 35x35 cm Is furnished with gadget for stacking on various focuses comparing to thekeel. The scaffold is graduated with "V" spaces conveying two swinging hold...

Self Recording Rain Gauge Spring Balance Type 2


Involving a nickelled metal beneficiary placedon the highest point of a delicate dial design machine. Itrecords rain fall upto 10 cm around. Thebody is of cost aluminum in pleasinghammertone wrap u...

Robinson's Cup Anemometer (With Flash Light Unit) 2


The unit comprises three turning cupsmounted on closures of three armssupported as the highest point of a vertical shaftwhich pivots with next to no erosion. Theassembly is mounted on a metal basew...

Liquid Limit Device (Hand Operated)


Meets the prerequisite s of IS : 2720-section V-and comprises of abrass bowl hung on a customizable section. The bowl can beadjusted for a fall of 1 cm and raised and dropped on a rubberof standard...

Augers (Post Hole Type)-


Twist drill Head measure 50 mm. Finish with one meter bar, teepieceand handle. (b) do butAuger head estimate 75 mm. (c) do butAuger head estimate 100 mm. (d) do butAuger head estimate 150 mm. Save ...

Model of Dissected Solids


The models are of about20x12 cm measure, made of all metal anddissected in two sections. (a) Cube cut in two right calculated triangles. (b) Sphere 10 cm measurement cut in two sides of the equator...

Conical Friction Clutch Property


Built model. One section having sliding groove.Complete on base with working lever.

Plate Clutch Properly


Built, finish on base with working lever..

Ball Bearings


25 mm measure unique heading properly mounted on polishedwooden base. a) Ball Bearing b) Roller Bearing c) Taper Bearing. d) Thrust Bearing.

Ball Bearings Set


25 mm estimate unique heading properly mounted on polishedwooden base. a) Ball Bearing b) Roller Bearing c) Taper Bearing. d) Thrust Bearing The over four direction appropriately mounted on one boa...

Band And Block Brake


The model is like the Band Brake Model however woodenblocks connected to the band..

Elipse Tracer Model


Appropriately developed model to clarify the rule.

Single Stage Bevel Gears


Taking a shot at rakish pivot. Finish mounted on base board..

Kater's Reversible Pendulum


Comprising of 120x1.2 cm metal bar with pointed ends,carrying two arrangements of flexible blade edges and two vast andsmall metal weights. Two comparable hardwood weight$ areprovided. Finish with ...

The Combined Compression and Extension of Springs Apparatus


The unit is finished with six standard steelsprings 20 cm long every one of various thickness,three for pressure and three for extension.The cast press section is given four holesfor appending it t...