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Apparatus To Find The Personal Horse Power of A Man


his is broadly utilized mechanical assembly to measure torque. Iconsists of a base supporting an edge work of poles and clampabout 80 cm high from which two spring adjusts aresuspended. A calfskin ...

Cotter Joint


An all metallic area cut model..

Triangular Eccentric Cam 2


The model shows Intermittent responding rectilinear motionin Yoke from Complete mounted on board.

Pentograph Mechanism


Extremely fascinating model to clarify the working of pentographmachine..

Liquid Limit Device (With Counter)


Meets the necessity s of IS : 2720-section V-and comprises of abrass bowl hung on a flexible section. The bowl can beadjusted for a fall of 1 cm and raised and dropped on a rubberof standard hardne...

Single Stage Helical Gears


Appropriately fitted on base board..

Single Stage Spur Gears 2


Chipping away at parallel pivot, finish mounted on base board

Bar Pendulum or Compound Pendulum


Comprising of a steel nickelled bar 100 cm since quite a while ago exhausted at equalinterval, with two removeable blade edges and a divider section..

Young Modulus of a Metal Rod By an Interference Method


The exploratory pole conveys 2 metal plates atdifferent focuses. These metal plates bolster aglass plate and a focal point. One is on the highest point of theother balanced by. 3 springs and screws...

Hook's Law Apparatus


Comprising of 30cm long mirror scale, spring, opened weights with holder and pointer. finish on overwhelming tripod stand.

Compaction Factor Apparatus


For deciding the work capacity of cement gave the greatest size of total does not surpass 38 mm. This is composed fundamentally for use in the research facility however In reasonable yet In appropr...

Blast Furnance 4


A littler and efficient size model. The unit is clearlylabelled and cutway in configuration, indicating outlined and vividpicture for the understudies to have its savvy get a handle on, Thevarious ...

Rotary Pump 2


It is an all metallic appropriately built huge size model.Vanes driven by inward opened chamber spin unusual toouter shell, it functions as a revolving compressor and in addition a partialvacuum pu...

Model of Direct Rotary Rig 2


The essential guideline of activity of a turning rig are clearlydemonstrated by this advantageous size open constructionmodel. It Is mounted on a truck chasis, segments andarrangement for raising t...

Water Wheel 2


Overshot, undershot and bosom water wheels can be easilyexplained with this non rusting metallic model..

Pelton Turbine 2


An all metallic working model, including a solitary jethorizontal shaft turbine. A 20 cm distance across plate gave withdouble hemispherical containers mounted in a lodging with a transpatent windo...

Inclined Manometer 2


For smaller scale manometric readings, graduated scale perusing 200-20cm., with customizable repository, and adaptable tubeconnection. Amplification 10xto 20 x

Collecting Tanks 2


(c) Size 80X80X90 cm. finish with depleting cockerel, gaugeglass and scale aligned In cms and liters.

Apparatus for Verification of Bernoulli's Theorem 2


Comprising of a channel of varyingsize with control valve for directing rate of stream, with a plan fordischarging the shaded fluid, to demonstrate the stream lines.The store is around 60x22 cm and...

Snow Gauge 2


It comprises of a 60 cm profound authority having a perused of 500cm2 mounted inside an Alter design wind shield one meter indiameter. The check with its shield is introduced on standsupport so the...