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Wind Vane All Metallic 2


Medium size model. Around one meterhigh. Finish fitted on overwhelming cast irontripod remain with shaped aluminiumparts and headings N.E.S. &W. It is agood serviceable mechanical assembly ...

Direct Reading Anemometer 2


This Electronic Instrument whenplaced In the wind current to be measuredwill specifically perused the air speed to andaccuracy of :I: 2%. The instrumentconsists of a detecting head and an Indicator...

Standard Fortin's Barometer 2


This instrument is prescribed in a throw rhetoric to routingobservations of high exactness. Overwhelming walled corning glasstube and storage are bolstered and ensured by a metalcasing. Every mercu...

Pocket Penetrometer


Comprising of a light weight barrel get together with cleaned andground steel stacking cylinder plunger. The immediate perusing scaleis engraded on the cylinder barrel and demonstrates stack in ton...

Abbots Compaction Apparatus


Comprises of a steel base, a steel tube and a steel rammer, 5½lb. weight. The stem of the rammer is graduated in tenths ofan inch..

Oldham's Coupling


Oldham's Coupling

Claw Clutch Properly


Built model, one section having sliding groove.Complete on base with working lever.

Second Law of Motion Apparatus


Two balls are discharged all the while from a stage onebeing anticipated on a level plane by a spring weapon and the otherbeing permitted to fall openly..

Band Brake


Comprises of a brake drum mounted on a pole, allowed to pivot inbearings. An adaptable band is wrapped mostly around the drum.Brake power can be connected with the assistance of a lever. Completeon...

Shafting General Bearing


Legitimately built segment cut wooden models. an) open Truck Bearing. b) Simple bearing. c) Bush Bearing d) Thrust Bearing e) Plummer Block of platform Bearing F) Foot Step Bearing.

Scotch Yoke Mechanism


A Properly developed model made of metallic parts onwooden finished board.

Two Stage Spur Gears


Legitimately fitted on base board..

Three Stage Spur Gears


Appropriately fitted on base board..

Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope


A bike wheel of littler dia Is given two handlesand elastic tire on the edge gives adequate speed todemonstrate the different intriguing and astounding effectssuch as vertical pivot and precession ...

Atwood Machine


Comprising of a full length metal upright graduatedpipe upto 200 cm, to be mounted vertically nearwall by methods for two sections. A light weightaccurate frictionless wheel of 10 cm ala ismounted ...

Pulley Demonstration Set


Relatively every sort of pulley investigation can be exhibited with the assistance of this hardware .It is particularly fascinating and of instructive incentive to understudies, involving wooden fi...

Gear Sets Four Type


I.e. Goad Gears, Bevel Gears helical Gears and Spiral Gears,complete mounted on a finished wooden board.

Harringbone Gears


Appropriately mounted on board

Proctor Needle (Spring Type)


It comprises of body lodging a spring, a plunger adjusted to peruse 0-40 kg. x 1kg. what's more, a handle. Long stem, is graduated at 12.5 mm interims to show the profundity of entrance and for use...

Pore Pressure Apparatus


The gear comprises of : Pressure Gauge, Bourdon tubetype 8 inch dia graduated 0-150 p.s.i. divisions and 0-10.5kg./sq. cm in 0.1, kg./sq. cm, divisions: Monometer. Glass V-tube manometer for estima...