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Vibrator Internal Laboratory Type


Utilized as a part of vibrating concrete. test chambers and pillars. It iswidely utilized as a part of making solid items in experimentalwork and in little scale development ventures. The vibrator ...

Pore Pressure Apparatus 2


The gear comprises of : Pressure Gauge, Bourdon tubetype 8 inch dia graduated 0-150 p.s.i. divisions and 0-10.5kg./sq. cm in 0.1, kg./sq. cm, divisions: Monometer. Glass V-tube manometer for estima...

Vibrating Machine (Mould Vibrator)


According to BS : 12 and IS : 269-1959 for 2.78" mortar cubes.Fitted with Y2 H.P. electric engine having 2860 r.p.m. coupledto give 12000;1:400 vibrations for every min. The machine issuit...

Ring And Ball Apparatus


Meets the necessities according to Seems to be: 1205 For deciding thetemperature at which an example of bituminous material dropsa determined separation when warmed under prescribedconditions and s...

Standard Penetrometer


IS : 1203 : IS : 310 (Part II) For testing a wide assortment ofmaterials, for example, oil, bitumen, tar wax, clean, sustenance stuff,rubber, black-top and pharmaceutical creams. By applying agiven...

Pigml Water Current Meter


This meter is utilized uncommonly formeasuring stream of water inshallow streams, irrigationchannels and minors where thevelocity and profundity of water is deficient for obtainingmeasurements with...

Water Current Meter Kem


An exceptionally valuable and mainstream instrument for use in hydrauliclaboratories. Comprising of a pole pivoting in bearing settled toa stationery outline. The pole is parallel to the elementope...

Automatic Recorder


In five figures, working with dry cell battery fitted withnecessary association having on and 01 switch. In a steelbox, appropriate for a water momentum meter. 388.

Magnetic Water Current


This is a standard container write current meter, appropriately aligned by Govt. examine station furnished with rating graph. It is a solid & inconvenience free instrument 391 legitimately ...

Water Current Meter Magnetic


This is a standard glass write currentmeter, properly aligned by Govt. researchstation gave rating outline. It is areliable & inconvenience free instrument 391properly housed in a wooden bo...

Water Stage Level Recorders


It is exceptionally delicate accuracy instrument which Is a logical guide to be introduced at measuring locales on trench frameworks to control release for retticient administration. It can likewis...

Bottle Type Slit Sampler


18' feet long in three pieces G.I. Pipe 3/4" measurement 6 ft longeach piece collapsing type gentle steel outline, with operationhandle. Without bottle..

Bed Material Sampler


18' feet long in three pieces G.I. Pipe 3/4" breadth 6 ft longeach piece collapsing type mellow steel outline, with operationhandle. Without bottle..

Double Jacketted Cylinder


Made of copper with stand appropriately cleaned.

Filtering Apparatus


Made of copper with stand properly cleaned..

Purl's Hydrometer


Finish in wooden box

Purl's Slitometer


Finish in wooden box

Conical Flask


Made of metal, chrome covered.



Made of metal 500 ml..

Slit Measuring Test


Tube Size 5 cc..