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Robinson's Cup Anemometer (With Flash Light Unit) 3


The unit comprises three pivoting cupsmounted on closures of three armssupported as the highest point of a vertical shaftwhich turns with next to no grating. Theassembly is mounted on a metal basew...

Roblnson's Cup Anemometer (With Recording Counter) 3


In this model the turning Robinson'scup are mounted on a metal baseplatform having two restricting posts. Apillar with a turning top is fitted on thebase. Three containers with pivoting arm...

Anemometer, Cup Counter 3


According to 151 Specification No. IS 5912-70. The instrument has a glass wheel comprising of three cone shaped containers in a level plane. The container wheel axle Is of stainless steel and assoc...

Direct Reading Anemometer 3


This Electronic Instrument whenplaced In the wind stream to be measuredwill specifically perused the air speed to andaccuracy of :I: 2%. The instrumentconsists of a detecting head and an Indicator ...

Wind Vane 3


It meets three vital necessities for exact sign of Wind course. It is intended to create the most extreme torque in respect to Its snapshot of latency, for a given change in wind headings it pivots...

Wind Vane All Metallic 3


Medium size model. Around one meterhigh. Finish fitted on overwhelming cast irontripod remain with shaped aluminiumparts and bearings N.E.S. &W. It is agood serviceable device pleasantly wr...

Portable Wind Vane 3


Avery delicate and recently planned little size unit which canbe effortlessly taken anyplace in open to discover wind heading, withaluminium vane and counterpoise weight uninhibitedly pivoting onca...

Portable Wind Vane 4


Built for perpetual outdoorInstal l ati on. Wi nd di recti on can bedetermi ned from I ndoors wi th thiselectrically flagging vane. The 60 cmarrow turns easily on metal roller wallenclosed, at the ...

Dew Point Apparatus 3


Air is blown through ether contained in a little nickel-pla1edbrass vessel. Finish with glass store tube and rubberbulb, however without thermometer..

Cloud Apparatus 3


For exhibiting the development of mists. Comprises of aglass knob with a tube having two openings. To the largeropening is connected an elastic globule; to the next an elastic tubeand a squeeze chi...

Rain Gauge Symens Standard 4


5" dia finish with inside polythene collector with accuratemeasuring jug constructed for glass. Those physique is aggravated from claiming g. I Sheetand may be wonderfully painted. ------- (b)---- ...

Self Recording Rain Gauge Spring Balance Type 4


Including of a nickelled metal collector placedon those highest priority on An touchy dial example machine. Itrecords downpour fall upto 10 cm pretty nearly. Thebody is for cosset aluminum done ple...

Automatic Rain Gauge 3


The gadget is known as the tilting basin write Rain Gauge. Nomeasurement is essential as the rain is gathered in thereceiver and is dropped into a container separated into two parts.After the rain ...

Rain Gauge Recording Type 3


This characteristic siphon compose recording precipitation measure is outlined togive ceaseless record of rain fall. It is for the most part utilized inconjunction with a common rain measure (non r...

Rain Gauge Non Recording Type 3


Made according to ISI determination (IS: 5225) Itconsists of an authority having a surface zone of200 cm2 and is fitted with firearm metal edge, funneland locking ring. The rain fall limit is 200 c...

Sunshine Recorder Model 3


In this unit a round base flagon is utilized as asphere. It might be loaded with water when it isto be illustrated. The sunrays arefocused by the glass globe of the sunshinerecorder, and will singe...

Snow Gauge 3


It comprises of a 60 cm profound authority having a perused of 500cm2 mounted inside an Alter design wind shield one meter indiameter. The measure with its shield is introduced on standsupport so t...

Apparatus for Verification of Bernoulli's Theorem 3


Comprising of a channel of varyingsize with control valve for controlling rate of stream, with a course of action fordischarging the hued fluid, to demonstrate the stream lines.The repository is ar...

Water Finder (A Qua Finder) 3


The best issue at exhibit in cultivating is to find waterunder the ground. Here is an extraordinary device which helpsyou to investigate the accessibility of water in your field. Theinstrument has ...

Metacentrlc Height Apparatus 3


A copper sheet vessel 35x35 cm Is given gadget for stacking on various focuses relating to thekeel. The extension is graduated with "V" openings conveying two swinging holders for putting...