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Forces Of Jet Apparatus 3


For exhibiting the response of a water Jet on aflat, tapered or on a hemispherical glass. The upperpart of the glass chamber is given aplatform to stack the weight. The lower some portion of thecha...

Spare Glass Tube 3


For use with Bernaulli's Theorm device Spare GlassTube..

Piezometer Tube 3


One meter long, made of Corning Glass with course of action formounting.

Differential Manometer 5


It is 1 meter In length for estimation of differential headwith game plans for mounting with the mechanical assembly No. 461 &462. Glass parts made of Corning glass and fitted with 50-050wooden...

Determination Of Cd, Cv And Cc Orifices 3


Overhead tank 45x45x120 cms high isstrongly made in steel sheet and edge ironframe with isolating channel, check 'glass andscale graduated In cms and liters, deplete cockand flood. The tank has...

Determination Of Discharge And Coefficient Of Discharge Of Notches Weir Tank 3


Estimate 150x50x3Q cms emphatically made isteel and edge press outline havinglongitudinal segments pr vided witharrangement for taking the variousinterchangeable scores. Completewith snare check pe...

Collecting Tanks 3


(c) Size 80X80X90 cm. finish with depleting rooster, gaugeglass and scale adjusted In cms and liters.

Hook Gauge or Pointer Gauge 3


Best make checks including a scale andvernier to peruse upto 0.1 mm.The round brasspipe scale slides vertically by rack and pinionarrangement. The unit is fitted with a snare orpointer & finish...

Hook Gauge 3


It is made of all metal. Perusing are taken scale andvernier. The vernier is mounted on a slide which isadjustable to peruse upto 0.1 mm. For coarseadjustment a screw Is given at the back of thesli...

Micrometer Contract on Gauge 3


Micrometer Contract on Gauge 3

Venturimeter 3


Made of cast press with firearm metal brambles. The'ends are flanged which can be easilyconnected of pipe line. They are made of thefollowing sizes of channels having Internaldiameter. (A) ...

Orifice Meter 3


Comprises of two C.I, Flanges tapped with British standard pipethreads. Finish with sharp edge-round, square,rectangular and triangular metal opening plates. Apair of brasscocks are given to associ...

Pitot Tube 3


Round and hollow shape, all metal, chromium plated to discover theduration of stream and speed of liquid, stature around 50 cm.Complete with manometer yet without mercury.

U Tube Double Coloumn 3


Manometer Both finishes open with one end twisted, fitted onpolished wooden construct with scale advertisement suspensi in light of snare tohang the manometer on a pipe. Glass parts made for Borosi...

Differential Manometer 6


For estimating the distinction of weight between two points.Fitted on wooden base with scale and gave asuspension snare to hang the manometer on a pipe. Superiorin quality, 50cm long. Glass some po...

Inclined Tube Manometer 3


It Is fitted on a slanted plane write wooden base withadjustable 50 cm scale. The slanted appendage Is able to swivelround Its association. With graduated circular segment and levellingscrews.

Inclined Manometer 3


For small scale manometric readings, graduated scale perusing 200-20cm., with customizable supply, and adaptable tubeconnection. Amplification 10xto 20 x

Demonstration Manometer 3


It is 50 cms high and around 25 mm in distance across. It isnot a mercury manometer yet it Is utilized with shaded water togive better perceivability, mounted on stand

Hydraulic Non Return Valve 3


Metal, Casted Standard Pattern area cut of 50 mmsize..

Globe Valve 2


Made of metal, Standard example area cut of 50 mmsize.