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Reciprocating Pump 3


Unique, second hand area cutand repainted model of 18 mmdelivery pipe measure.

Archemedlan Screw 3


Alow lift yet nonstop stream dislodging pump" All metallicmodel, finish with water store fitted on wooden base

Tube Well Model 3


Finish on 30x30x50 cm box base,showing principle phases of the earth, pipe line,motor and pump and so forth..

Deep Well Turbine Pump 3


This is a working model mounted on cast Iron base. Turbinepump is fitted at the base and 220 volts A.C. engine at thetop. Finish with line &plug..

Model of Direct Rotary Rig 3


The essential guideline of task of a revolving rig are clearlydemonstrated by this advantageous size open constructionmodel. It Is mounted on a truck chasis, segments andarrangement for raising the...

Blast Furnance 5


The major highlights of productionsequence of iron from are with utilizationof squander gases completely showed fromstudy of the model. The entire about cutway in outline and plainly marked. other ...

Besser Convertor 3


The model is much useful In having clear handle of Bessmermethod of steel fabricate. Ills plainly marked and colourscheme completely exhibits the unmanageable covering. the steelshell Is mounted on...

Electric Arc Furnace 3


Shaking Bath write. This compose has leeway over thestationary ones. It allows brisk tapping, slagging, servicingand linlngrepalrs. lt is an Important model appearing for mainstructural highlights,...

Cupola 3


This model of liquefying unit gives an illustrative andvivid picture for the understudies to have an Intelligentgrasp of the procedure. The different Important partssuch as impact pipe tuyere, tapp...

Rotary Pump 300mm, Applied Mechanics Equipments 3


It is an all metallic appropriately developed expansive size model.Vanes driven by under opened chamber spin erratic toouter sheet. One side is secured with plexi glass. Completeon base, tallness a...

Blast Furnance 6


A littler and temperate size model. The unit is clearlylabelled and cutway in configuration, indicating delineated and vividpicture for the understudies to have its savvy get a handle on, Thevariou...

Model of Refrigerator 3


Sham model, made of wooden and metallic parts, showingMotor, Compressor, Condenser, Fan, Valves, Expansionpipe and so forth perfectly painted white.

Working Model of Bucket Trencher


The model of Bucket Trencher exhibits the rule ofa Dredger. A progression of pails are settled to an interminable chainmounted on a blast. The point of the blast is adjustableaccording to the profu...

Working Model of Crawler Crane 3


The model Is of mounted crane which spins about Itsvertical hub moving the heap along the round way. It isequipped with dim line blast which can turn about a hingewhile lifting or bringing down the...

Working Model of Road Roller 3


The working model of street roller isequipped with two expansive back rolls andone front roll. The primary body housesthe drive engine and rigging box. PowerIs transmitted to the back rolls through...

Hoffman Kiln 3


The model Is much useful In having clear handle of thesystem, demonstrating diverse chambers, entryways, fire openings, fluesystem, dampers, stack and other essential provisionsto give an Idea abou...

Applied Machines


Connected Machines Used to measure the reaction of different bodies to outer powers, the offered Applied Machines is one of the main decisions in the market. Made utilizing quality crude materials ...

Hydro-Electric Power Installation


The model Is properly constructed and cutway In design showing dam portion, powerhouse, generator, turbine, tailrace, andother necessary details. Size about 45x35cm. Made of wood and fitted with me...

Law Of Conservation Of Mess


Law Of Conservation Of Mess

Lever Apparatus


(Device for confirmation of law of Moments) Consisting ofan aluminum graduated bar fitted into a turned stirrup andspirit level on a metal base, the highest point of the shaft is providedwith score...